Pinson UMC Body and Soul programs offer adults opportunity for fellowship, learning and faith development


Pinson United Methodist Church organized a new leadership team in December, 2011, as a part of The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations program (2007. Robert Schnase, Bishop, Missouri Conference. Nashville: Abingdon Press) presented by Senior Pastor Bob Murray. 

After a period of organization and study of their church and its needs, Pinson UMC’s Intentional Faith Development Team introduced a new concept for Wednesday night Bible study for adults.  Each Wednesday night a free supper was provided by the Intentional Faith Development Team, followed by the Bible study led by a special speaker.  The name Body and Soul was chosen because the team felt strongly that the souls of participants needed to be fed as well as their bodies.

The programs began in May 2012, with a four week series on “Prayer” and “Why Do Bad Things Happen to God’s Children?” The Sunday prior to the first session, the entire church was asked to pray for the church, the community, the country and the special series of programs.

The second Body and Soul series in 2012 began with a Day of Prayer on October 7, 2012, followed by a series of programs that focused on youth and on the role of women in the Bible and in today’s family. 

Rev. Murray says, “We continued the practice of offering a free meal followed by a program led by a special speaker.  Both the spring and fall Body and Soul series were well attended by visitors from the community as well as church members.  For publicity we lined the street in front of the church with old discarded political signs that we painted over with current information pertaining to our Body and Soul programs.”

In 2013, the first Body and Soul series began in January and focused again on Prayer and specifically on how to pray because church leaders feel that the topic of Prayer is of vital, ongoing importance to the church, its members and the community and nation which surround the church.  Small groups were led in developing prayer and incorporating prayer into daily life.

During Lent the congregation was treated to a study of Jerusalem and the last seven phrases Jesus spoke as He hung on the cross.   The final spring Body and Soul series, “The Journeys of Paul” was completed May 8, 2013. 

The Body and Soul programs have provided opportunities for in-depth Bible studies in an atmosphere of fellowship and learning with a growing attendance and new people from the community being brought into the church. 

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