Wesley Memorial UMC celebrates summer full of mission

July 05, 2013

It's summer time.  It's time to head to the beach or the lake or at the very least head to the backyard to find a hammock and a tall glass of lemonade.  Yet at Wesley Memorial UMC in Decatur, Alabama folks are heading other places this summer.  This past Sunday, the Wesley Memorial folks got to hear some of the best words ever uttered in worship: "Please move down, we have so many mission team participants that we need more room at the altar rail." 

Immediately following worship forty-nine teens and  adult volunteers got on the big bus to head to a Methodist Center at  Dulac, Louisiana to love and live as Jesus instructed.  It will be an exhausting, bug filled, wonderful trip and best of all someone(s) will experience God's love in the midst of the games, bible studies and hands on construction. 

That's not all.  On the same day that the Wesley Memorial LIFT (Living In Faith Together) youth group was slathering on bug spray, four Wesley adults were heading home from the annual Honduras mission trip (over ten years and still counting).  They bring God's love to the people there with smiles, reading glasses, medical supplies and water filtration systems.  Countless lives have been blessed by these international mission teams.

That's not all.  In just 2 weeks, seventeen New Adults (College and Career Class) and a few not so new adults will board vans to drive to the mountains of  Virginia.  Their goal and their job is to make homes warmer, safer and dryer through ASP or Appalachian Service Projects.  Folks they will never see again won't be cold or wet this winter because of the grace and sweat filled efforts of these young people.

Every month the Wesley Memorial newsletter has a header called "A God Sized Vision."  All it takes to achieve that vision are faithful folks who are willing to live and love as Jesus did. 

That's not all.   You are needed too.  So regardless of where you are heading this summer don't forget to show the love of God by loving your neighbor in all the ways you can. 

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