Local Church 2013 Statistical Report deadline is Feb. 3, 2014

January 07, 2014

The Statistical Report, formerly known as the Year-End Local Church Report, is collected annually each January.  One this report, local churches report their activity from the previous year. These numbers are reported to the General Board on Finance and Administration (GCFA).  They also are printed in the back of the North Alabama Conference Journal and are used to formulate apportionments that fund the budget of the North Alabama Annual Conference.

For a number of years, this report has been completed online using a form created by the North Alabama Conference.  This year the Statistical Report will still use an online web form. However, the report will move to an online reporting system developed, hosted and provided by the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) called Ezra.

On January 2, senior pastors and local church treasurers received an email with instructions and credentials to complete their congregation’s report.  

Below is some helpful information from North Alabama Conference Statistician Rev. Amy DeWitte and Director of Information Technology Peter Banish for congregations as they work to complete their report.

  • The deadline for completed reports is midnight on Monday, February 3, 2014.
  • Link to download the 2013 Statistical Report packet:  http://northalabama.s3.amazonaws.com/59121D1FE9A947948DC1A23C3C2C744B_LocalChurchReportPacketCurrYr.pdf
  • What to do if you…
    • do not have a computer available -- contact your district office for guidance
    • have difficulties accessing your Local Church Dashboard to get to the Ezra link or need your GCFA number -- contact your district office or the Conference at 205-226-7950
    • have technical problems with Ezra's Statistical Report online form -- submit a help ticket at http://it.umcna.org/help.
    • have concerns regarding how a question should be answered -- click on the help icon found to the right of the question number on the web form or contact the Conference Treasurer's office at 205-226-7966

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