Health Kits urgently needed at UM Disaster Warehouse in Decatur


Last week The United Methodist Disaster Warehouse in Decatur, Ala., shipped all UMCOR kits to Sager Brown.

Executive Director of the UM Disaster Warehouse Rev. Ray Crump says, "We do not have any Health Kits in the warehouse. If there is a tornado anywhere in the seven Southern states, we cannot help with health kits. Help!"

Local congregations are asked to help renew the supply by putting together health kits and shipping them to the UM Disaster Warehouse in Decatur. Instructions for the kits can be found at

Individuals are also needed to volunteer on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at the UM Disaster Warehouse.

Rev. Crump adds that the UM Disaster Warehouse does have a supply of cleaning buckets. However, currently there are no health kits.

He explains the importance of health kits saying, “When a roof is damaged and a family has to move to an apartment, motel, or another house while their home is being repaired, they need from you one UMCOR cleaning bucket, and a health kit for each family member. The Red Cross will give a “Comfort bag” with some of the things you have in a Health Kit. But a small bar of soap will not last very long. After a washcloth has been used several times, it needs to be washed. This is when a second washcloth is needed.”

The UM Warehouse also has supplies to help local congregation's response after a disaster. 

The UM  Disaster Warehouse also has free tarps and wooden strips to hold the tarps on roofs-with free roofing nails. These are free to your congregation to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” following a disaster.

In addition, The Warehouse can provide your congregation free boxes to give to neighbors who have to pack up their belongings while homes are being repaired. You furnish the cellophane tape and a magic marker to label the boxes for their den, kitchen etc

For more information or to schedule a drop off of health kits, call the UM Disaster Warehouse at 256-341-9961

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