Camp Sumatanga "The Camp at God's Mountain"


Camp Sumatanga “The Camp at God’s Mountain”

Camp Sumatanga is a beautiful place even when nature sends a storm to demolish some trees and some structures. The beauty of the mountain intersecting with the valley below; the lake; the pines; and the enchantment of the rustic nature of the Camp has captivated people of all ages for a long time. Visitors have enjoyed this beautiful place for more than 65 years as the Camp of the United Methodist Church of North Alabama.

For many years the North Alabama Conference gave Camp Sumatanga operational money, program money and employees for summer activities through the Conference budget. This changed several years ago and now the Conference gives only a small amount of money each year to Camp through apportionments.

Camp Sumatanga has no capital debt, as this was paid off two or three years ago by a very benevolent Foundation.

Since the beginning of the financial recession in 2008 to present, Sumatanga has struggled to have enough operational money to run Camp. The recession caused many churches and individuals to stop coming to Camp purely as an economic decision.

As a result, on May 12, 2013, Mother’s Day Sunday, churches and individuals of North Alabama will be asked to give a special offering to Camp Sumatanga as this date will be Sumatanga Sunday for 2013.

Camp Sumatanga needs a financial lift in operational funds, to give time to implement a plan for the future in long range financing. 

The Sumatanga Board of Directors and the Camp Sumatanga staff are working hard to position Camp Sumatanga for the future not just in financing but in Camp programing and renovations. Your help is needed for this great ministry of the Conference to be viable for a long time. Every church and every member of the North Alabama Conference must do their part for one of the Conference’s greatest ministries.
For those of you that have had special moments with God at Sumatanga, it’s your time to step up and help Sumatanga, so it will remain as it always has been a truly Holy place in the lives of North Alabama United Methodist Christians.

Whether your special moments with God were on an Emmaus Walk, a Camp retreat or any other time you were at Camp, please consider Camp Sumatanga in your prayers and in your financial giving.

“Camp Sumatanga was there for you, now you need to be there for Camp Sumatanga.”

Go to for all details of what camp can offer to you or your church and please remember Camp on Mother’s Day May 12 with your gifts.


Steve Lyles
Conference Lay Leader

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