Retiree News 10 June 2013


The Association of Retired Ministers and Spouses gather at Annual Conference


The Annual Conference gathering of the Association of Retired Ministers and Spouses (ARMS) assembled in the Student Center Great Hall at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 3, 2013. ARMS President, Reverend Herb Williamson, welcomed all who gathered and gave the invocation.

Herb recognized our Bishop, Debra Wallace Padgent and she addressed the retirees, thanking us for our continuing service as both appointed supply pastors and as those involved in local church and community ministry.

He recognized Rev. Norman B. Westbrook as having come all the way from North Carolina to join us for the evening festivities. Rev. Westbrook is 90 years young and retired in 1987.

He also recognized the President of the Superannuate Homes Board, Mr. Jerry Swafford. It was a delight to have Mr. Swafford and his wife join us for this celebration.

New Retirees Recognized

Rev. Don Neal welcomed the newly retired to the Association and to the Banquet. Those new retirees are:

  • Eric Bell (Full Connection Elder)
  • Jesse Bynum (Local Pastor)
  • Sallie Colwick (Full Connection Deacon)
  • Celia Cox (Full Connection Elder)
  • Reid Crotty (Full Connection Elder)
  • Berry Faust (Local Pastor)
  • Bill Gandy (Full Connection Elder)
  • John Gates (Full Connection Elder)
  • Kenneth Graham (Full Connection Elder)
  • Tommy Heaps (Local Pastor)
  • James Holiday (Full Connection Elder)
  • Glen Horn (Local Pastor)
  • Sidne Martin (Local Pastor)
  • David Murray (Full Connection Elder)
  • Jerry Reeder (Full Connection Elder)
  • Roy Williams (Local Pastor)
  • John Wilson (Local Pastor)

Remembering those who Died

Rev. Ted Leach remembered those who have died in the past year and gave a prayer of celebration for their life, their ministry, and their memory. Those pastors and spouses whose home going we celebrated are:

  • Reverend Edward B. Black
  • Mrs. Georgia Freida Gibson Boling
  • Reverend Talmadge M. Clayton
  • Mrs. Margaret Ann Cole
  • Mrs. Ruth E. Crowson
  • Reverend William Eli Eslick
  • Mrs. Helen Morris Fears
  • Reverend Robert M. Garrett
  • Mrs. Gladys Giddens
  • Mrs. Carol Clotfelter Golson
  • Reverend Dr. Eley Bert Goodwin Jr.
  • Mrs. Mary Christine Gordon
  • Mrs. Lisa Ann Greer
  • Mrs. Claudia Mae Burgess Hardy
  • Mrs. Brenda Joyce Driver Williams Havens
  • Mrs. Azilee Bobo Howard
  • Mrs. Deborah Marie Howard
  • Mrs. Willa Dene Inmon
  • Mrs. Mildred Daphine Jones
  • Reverend Frank J. Lee
  • Reverend Billy W. Limbrick
  • Mrs. Virginia Clemons Logan
  • Mrs. Gayle Smith Long
  • Reverend Dr. Joseph Maples
  • Mrs. Martha C. McMinn
  • Reverend Thomas Leonard McMinn, Jr.
  • Reverend Dr. Allen David Montgomery
  • Reverend Jimmy Ray Nixon
  • Reverend William Allen Payne
  • Mrs. Barbara Rodgers
  • Mrs. Martha McInish Rosser
  • Mrs. Billie Jo Perry Sanders
  • Mrs. Catherine Collum Stabler
  • Reverend Dr. Michael M. Stewart
  • Mrs. Ila Dean Hill Webster
  • Mrs. Sara Frances Whitten
  • Mrs. Viola Wilburn

The Ordination Class of 1963

Rev. Williamson also recognized the ordination class or 1963 and gave thanks for their 60 years of ministry. Those from the class who were present were:

  • Rev. Oliver Clark
  • Rev. Bill Saxon
  • Rev. Billy York
  • Rev. Bob Gunn
  • Rev. Charles Hazel
  • Rev. Donald Shockley
  • Rev. Bill Smith

Rev. Alton Parris was recognized by the conference for his attendance at 62 consecutive Annual Conferences. Rev. Parris and wife Jimmie were also in attendance at the ARMS Banquet.


Rev. Stewart Jackson was our entertainer for the evening. He gave renditions of his own songs that kept us all in stitches. They reminded us of the comical side of growing older.

Next Meeting of ARMS

ARMS will meet once again at Camp Sumatanga on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. We hope to see you there. More information and registration material will be sent as the time approaches.

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