Retiree News 29 April 2014


News gleaned from the South West District Newsletter that may be of interest to the Retired Clergy in the area.

May 43--5pm-Pre-Conference Meeting-”Breaking Fallow Ground” - Fayette First UMC
May 610am-Tuscaloosa Area Coffee-Fig Restaurant
May 11-Mother’s Day
May 1310am- Northern Area Coffee-Hamilton UMC. Roger plans to be present and would love for you to attend. Please contact the District Office by Monday, May 12 to let them know if you can attend.
May 26-Memorial Day-the District Office will be closed.
June 1-4-North Alabama Annual Conference, Birmingham

Imagine No Malaria Update

We are well on our way to reaching our goal of $100,000 as a District for Imagine No Malaria. Many of you have shared with me your excitement about your church’s plans and offerings for the campaign. Thank you for your faithfulness that will enable the Southwest District and the Annual Conference to save lives. Remember $10 will save a life. Our goal of $100,000 is not just a monetary goal, but a humanitarian goal as it will save 10,000 lives from suffering and death!

Our offering at “Breaking Fallow Ground” on May 4th will go toward our Imagine No Malaria goal. You may bring your church’s planned offerings that afternoon and they will be included in our District Offering, or you may take your offer­ing to the Opening Worship service at Annual Conference at 6:30 PM on Sunday, June 1st. The District Office is happy to receive your offering between now and Annual Conference, as well. If you choose to take your offering to the Opening Worship, please let the District Office know the amount so it can be counted in the total for the Southwest District.

Thank you for your faithfulness in this wonderful campaign. If we are successful in reaching our goal as an Annual Conference of $1 million, we will save 100,000 lives. The goal across the denomination of $25 million will save 2.5 million lives! Now that is the power of the United Methodist Connection! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!


The Land That Calls Me Home

The Rev. Dr. Hughey Reynolds, a member of the North Alabama Conference and Senior Pastor at Latham UMC in Huntsville, has just released a new book that many of you might find of interest. Here is more information:

The Land That Calls Me Home is the culmination of many years of focused observation and reflec­tion on the loss of small-scale farms and a discov­ery of the church's role in their decline and ultimate revival. Small-scale farms are making a comeback and the church is strategic to their success.

The book explores why I care about this topic, but more importantly why the church and people of faith should care. It is written unapologetically from my Christian perspective as a United Methodist pastor and farmer who also knows this project is too big for the church to accomplish alone. It requires networking with secular organizations and people of other faiths and no religious faith. I want us to raise public awareness of the spiritual, nutritional, ecological, and economic reasons for buying locally grown food and the opportunity we have to support the small-scale farmers in our area and beyond.

The Land That Calls Me Home is available in paperback and Kindle formats through I also have a number of copies I can sell directly for $12 each. If you have friends who manage bookstores, it would help tremendously if you would ask them to stock and promote the book. I believe the book will be a useful resource for Sunday school classes, mission studies, and other small groups that want to explore the spiritual and economic issues surrounding the food supply and industrial farming's impact on hun­ger, ecology, economics, and rural communities.

I am available to consult with any church or organization that wants guidance in creating or supporting markets where local small-scale farmers sell what they grow. You may contact me by email at hugh­ or by cell phone at 256-417-5930.


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