Ethnic Ministries: Nine New Coaches for North Alabama Churches



 (L-R) Rev. Dedric Cowser, Rev. Junius Dotson

(L-R) Annette Winston, Charles Calhoun, Paul Hillard, Genia Garrett, Dedric Cowser, & Tiwirai Kufarimai

Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, in collaboration with North Alabama Conference Ethnic Ministries recently trained nine new coaches for United Methodist Churches in North Alabama. On September 9th and 10th members of SBC21 training team, Ms. Toska Medlock Lee, Rev. Junius Boyd Dotson and Dr. Fred Allen prepared and sharpened the skills of the participants for use in the coaching ministry.

The nine coaches for North Alabama through Ethnic Ministries are Rev. Charles Calhoun, Rev. Dedric Cowser, Ms. Annette Winston, Dr. Genia Garrett, Dr. Paul Hillard, Dr. Randy Kelley, Dr. Tiwirai Kufarimai, Dr. Thomas Muhomba, and Dr. Richard L. Stryker. The coaches are well equipped and positioned to help the churches. Ethnic Ministries is in the process of identifying churches that will benefit from their skills and the coaches will benefit from the resources available through the Coaching Collaborative Network of SBC21.

Coaching focuses on what's most important and helps find ways to make breakthroughs. Business professionals use coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches, they want someone to work with them, to encourage them and possibly to even push them. A coach acts as a facilitator to help figure out solutions and guide to resources. A coach listens, ask questions and provides honest feedback.

In this program, coaches will assist the pastor and leaders of the partner congregation in North Alabama (NAC-PC) with areas such as worship, leadership, administration, outreach and Christian education (to name a few), that will allow him/her to achieve their goals. During the coaching sessions, we will quickly develop a clear vision of the desired outcome, create a plan, develop priorities and then begin to close the gap to achieving the goals.

Ethnic Ministries Executive Director, Richard L. Stryker, expressed his appreciate to Dr. Allen and the SBC21 team for the training and the relationship with SBC21 national office. Stryker noted, “We are excited about the gifted coaches that are part of the new Coaching Team in North Alabama. I’m confident that the coaching process will help many churches.”

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