Sumatanga announces challenge grant for summer camp scholarships


Challenge Gift!

Great News! Another challenge grant has been issued to Sumatanga! An anonymous donor has given $50,000 for summer camp scholarships. Their desire is to see the people who love and appreciate Sumatanga match that $50,000 with scholarship gifts. The cost is $425 for a child or youth to experience a week of summer camp here. For some families and home circumstances this is a real challenge. For many years Sumatanga has partnered with urban, small town and rural organizations/ministries to help children and youth in need to be able to come to camp at little or no expense to their families. This challenge grant and your generous response will enable Sumatanga to do this in a wonderful way this summer. Camps began June 8 and continue weekly through July 25.

I invite you to step up and lead your family, small group, class, and church to help young persons from all around to have a Sumatanga summer camp experience! And even more important than a summer camp experience is the Christian education and faith building that takes place here. Camps have begun, registration continues, and scholarships are needed. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

For Christ and Sumatanga,
Rev. Mark Parris
Director of Development
Sumatanga Camp and Conference Center
3616 Sumatanga Road
Gallant, Alabama   35972-3105

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