Welcome to the new North Alabama Conference website!


The North Alabama Conference has a new home on the internet with a new, shorter address.
The new www.umcna.org was developed by Brick River Technologies. It features a responsive web design to provide an optimal viewing experience for visitors no matter what device they are using to access the site – computer, tablet or mobile phone.
The homepage features a graphic grid of the latest news and posts. Each time a visitor comes to www.umcna.org they will be greeted with the latest North Alabama Conference information.  The homepage also reflects the new Conference vision and mission adopted at the 2014 North Alabama Annual Conference.
The site has been organized using analytics to identify the pages and features which were most frequently visited on the previous Conference website.  In an effort to be more user-friendly, the main menu now makes the most popular pages and features easier to find. 
The site also has streamlined navigation.  The key navigation elements include the following:

  1. the main menu can be accessed from any page by clicking the icon in the top left corner
  2. the navigation bar shows at the top of each interior page
  3. the right column menu appears as a visitor navigates deeper into any website section (This menu displays at the bottom of the page on a mobile phone.) 

Director of Communication Danette Clifton explains, “As you navigate deeper into the site your navigation tools will expand to the right – from the top main menu to the navigation bar to the right column menu. The navigation bar will display links to help you move back toward previous pages.”
The front page of each ministry section features a grid of graphic links.  This design is to help visitors navigate within each section more easily – especially on mobile devices. 
Clifton adds, “Another exciting aspect of the site is individual pages have more friendly urls.  For instance, to navigate to the Missions section you simply go to www.umcna.org/missions. I think this new naming convention will help visitors more easily navigate to the pages they visit frequently.”
The site also features more social media integration.  There are links on each interior page to allow a visitor to share that post through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
The site also seeks to build community among visitors through discussions and comments.  The new discussion tool appears on all news and posts. It has been added to Conference Clergy and Clergy Family Death Notices as a way to allow North Alabama United Methodists to leave memories of the deceased and condolences for family members.
The site also has an improved custom search powered by Google.
“The new site and its new technology are exciting. As we continue to grow into our new Conference website, I encourage anyone who runs into issues or errors to let me know so we can quickly try to correct them,” Clifton says. “We want to offer the best site possible to connect the people in the North Alabama Conference for ministry.” 

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