Bishop and Cabinet announces additional appointment changes


Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett and the Cabinet announce the following appointment changes to take effect this summer.



Moving Clergy

  Central District  
CE Boldo John Harrison
CE Bethlehem (Hueytown) Roy Williams
CE Pleasant Grove (Colony) Horace Blount
CE Vestavia Hills - Coordinator Discipleship Engagement Kelley Bottcher
CE Vestavia Hills - Director of Stewardship Development John Sweeny
  Cheaha District  
CH Haven Frank Swinney
CH Bethlehem (Talladega) / Ironaton Abi-Carlisle Wilke
  Mountain Lakes  
ML Snead First Barry Faust
ML Douglas Perry Bracken
ML Attalla First David Bucholz
ML Turkeytown Jimmy Hall
ML Belcher's Chapel Joe Edmonson
ML Snead Memorial / Forrest Home Jason Talton
ML Pine Grove Early Helms
ML Valley Head Bob Reynolds
ML Union Hill / Bellvue Tom Laile
ML Howellton Ken Cooper
  Northeast District  
NE Gurley Al Geise
NE Cameron Joesph Sheehy
NE St. Paul (Huntsville) Sam Wilson
NE Princeton / Beech Grove Michael Bowe
  Northwest District  
NW Mt. Bethel Michael Cole
NW Isbell Chris Weldon
NW Hillsboro / Caddo Jerry Hastings
NW Johnson Chapel / Basham Steve McCurry
NW Friendship - Associate John David Crowe
NW Friendship - Associate Steve Dorning
NW Milner's Chapel / Rogers Chapel Ralph Mann
  South Central District  
SC Hoover First James Bassham
SC Restoration Mission Robert Lewis III
SC Restoration Mission Claudia Pettaway Lewis
  Southeast District  
SE Bethlehem Campground Co-Pastor Karen Korb
SE Bethlehem Campground Co-Pastor Frank Korb
SE Mt. Tabor Calvin Kelly
SE Midway (Wedowee) Jason Crandall
  Southwest District  
SW Holt Michelle Hunter
SW Lebanon / Andrews Chapel Dalton Eason
SW Marvin Chapel Dwayne Rigdon
SW St. Paul (Tuscaloosa) Rodney Shamery


These appointments, along with appointments announced earlier, are currently scheduled to become effective on July 1, 2020. This date is subject to change if in the coming weeks it is deemed wise to do so for further COVID-19 mitigation.

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