Holy Conversation Dialogue Group offers update

July 20, 2015

In response to the divisiveness within our denomination on human sexuality issues, our Bishop offered “holy conversations” at our last two Gathering of the Orders that sought to be respectful, trust-building, and …..holy. There was a recommendation from those gathered at those conversations to have an ongoing small dialogue group that would covenant to read varying perspectives, study, pray and listen to one another. Participants were gathered from various viewpoints and experiences who were willing to love and listen deeply to one another.

The group began meeting in early 2015 every other month for three hours at a time. There is no expectation of legislative suggestions, nor even final agreement. We have rather wanted to hold ourselves accountable to Jesus, to the larger connection, and to one another. We have sincerely wanted to do things differently than mirror the strident brokenness of our world.

The content of our conversations are by necessity confidential for our trust building and honest sharing, but our process is something we want to share with you. We have now met three times. We are looking at the Bible, various books and resources, as well as our own experiences, traditions and attitudes…all without staking out set positions. We see our dialogue as not a problem to be solved, but a tension to be managed and respected.

If you are interested in reading some of the resources we have found helpful, please contact one of us. We would value sharing them with you.

We give thanks for each of you and your ministry and we deeply covenant your prayers,
Bishop Wallace-Padgett
Mitchell Williams
Don Neal
Sheri Ferguson
Wade Langer
Tom Parrish
Miriam Smith
John Ryberg
John Hill
Henry Prater
Carrie Kramer Jones
Sam Hayes
Arthur Harrison
Gail Hodge

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