NAC3 Team Message: Sharing the same feelings and holding to the same truths

July 28, 2022

Earlier this year, Bishop Wallace-Padgett assembled a small diverse team to prayerfully envision a pathway that would allow many traditional, centrist and progressive churches in the North Alabama Conference to continue on the journey as United Methodists together. This team is called the NAC3 Team.

Our name reflects our commitment to Christ, community, and clarity. Our team’s mission is 1.) Finding a way for our diverse population to create space for grace-filled ministry to happen without compromising values and 2.) become generative in the work of making disciples.

Each month our team will share communications with the North Alabama Conference. This month, we would like to share our team’s report presented during the 2022 North Alabama Annual Conference in June.

Please click the picture below or visit to view the report.

Next month we will focus on what connects us all as a United Methodist community in North Alabama. We will also post a FAQ to provide clear answers to common questions people in our Conference are currently asking.

The NAC3 Team
Bishop Debbie Wallace-Padgett
Rev. Bill Brunson, co-chair
Rev. Brian Erickson, co-chair
Rev. Nathan Carden
Danette Clifton
Rev. Sherill Clontz
Gail Hiett
Lisa Keys-Mathews
Ambria Lankford
Rev. Rick Owen
Rev. Tom Parrish
Craig Robertson
Rev. Donald Smith
Rev. Keith Thompson


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