Glory Sightings This Week (Week of Sunday, July 26, 2015)


“The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one.” John 17:22 (NRSV)     

North Alabama Conference congregations are now sharing Glory Sightings as part of their Weekly Benchmark Report. This is an opportunity to share a brief statement of how God is at work in the church and community. The practice of regularly sharing Glory Sightings becomes a time of encouragement as we are reminded that God is always at work. It is a reminder to stop, pay attention and give thanks. 

We celebrate all that God is doing in North Alabama. Highlights of Glory Sightings shared include the following: 

Congregations are making connections in their community. They are celebrating revival and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

  • Aldersgate (CE District) — Monday Night Prayer group got names of new movers and daycare parents. They are wanting to reach out and connect.
  • Bangor (CE District) — Saturday I was shopping in a Dollar General, there was an older lady 75+ looking at pictures. I noticed she looked very sad. I commented on the pictures. We started talking. Her husband had passed away a few weeks before. I noticed more of the shoppers coming closer to hear what we were saying. After a while I asked her if she would like to have prayer. She quickly said yes. By that time almost everyone of the shoppers had formed a circle around us. .I started praying for God to comfort her and give her peace. I glanced up while I was praying every head was bowed, the registers had stopped running, the people coming in stopped at the door and also bowed their heads while I prayed. When I said Amen voices all through the store echoed Amen. Not one dry eye did I see. I prayed for the widow but I felt like everyone got included in the prayer. One of the best church services I've had in a while. It just goes to show God is everywhere. Even at the local dollar store. What a service!
  • Jacksonville First (CH District) — A new phase of our The Serving Table was to leave labeled bags of cookies and quarters at a local laundry mat in an effort to "lighten the load" and bring a smile to stressed faces.
  • Julia Street (ML District) — We enjoyed worship as one of our Lay Servant Ministers shared God's Word in honesty and truth.
  • Shiloh (NE District) — Healing Service for community 27 in attendance 8 guests Powerful time of healing and forgiveness.
  • Milner's Chapel (NW District) — Four nights of revival service worship with over 60 each night, Great messages from four preachers and great singing from soloists. The Spirit was moving.
  • Lakeview-Pelham's First (SC District) — "Record Summer Attendance 217". Second service starts Aug. 16th. God is good. Sanctuary capacity 226.
  • Mt. Tabor (SE District) — We had a total attendance of 255 at our 3 night Revival. Praise God!
  • Mt. Vernon (SW District) — Altar full praying for revival and our nation.

Congregations are in mission to their community sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 

  • Fairview (CE District) — The Church provided School supplies to 30 children!
  • Corbinville (ML District) — 2 people led a worship service at nursing home on Saturday. 14 people attended.
  • Cotaco (NE District) — Cotaco UMC was joined by Somerville UMC in serving 56 families made up of 192 people through the Open Food Pantry. Several were prayed for as well.
  • Epworth (NE District) — We had 12 youth serve CASA Gardens, Free To Teach, and the Senior Center this week for their mission week.
  • Lakeside (NE District) — This Sunday it was our worship through service to our community; we shared and served hot meals, gave school supplies, clothes, and groceries to twenty-one people from the community. We received one member by Professions of Faith.
  • Somerville (NE District) — Three Outreach Teams this week. 1. Pantry 2. Summer Food Packs for Sparkman School 3. Traveling Puppet show in community
  • Columbiana (SC District) — Olive Branch Ministry served 46 at the Shelby County Work Release Facility this week.
  • Chapel Hill (SE District) — Chapel Hill gathered and delivered household, cleaning, and personal supplies to Hosanna Home, a residential treatment center for women and their children. The delivery of goods occurred at just the right time! The donation of money will help in many ways.
  • Wadley First (SE District) — Food Drop
  • Hargrove Memorial (SW District) — Hosted Mission group from Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Congregations are nurturing and growing children and youth to be spiritual leaders. 

  • Old Zion (CE District) — God has blessed us with a great group of teens. They went on a weekend  RETREAT. They had a wonderful time & back for the worship service at 11:00 Our youth group sang specials for our worship service. What a special blessing.
  • Coldwater (CH District) — 5 participants in One Day Children's Mission Event at Camp Sumatanga
  • Ebenezer (CH District) — For the past 3 weeks we have been having VBS in our youth church. It is wonderful to see these young faces, hungry to hear of the grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Ashville First (CH District) — Worship at Camp Sumatanga kids camp for UMW's children. 50 kids singing "You Make Me Brave" to God.
  • Haygood Memorial (ML District) — Had 2 night VBS-first night-28, 2nd night 34. Blessing for all.
  • Gandys Cove (NE District) — 11 youth attended Mission U at Sumatanga
  • Community Church Without Walls (SC District) — We had our summer youth retreat where we focused on creation. After each worship session, the youth were able to come up with their own creative response to the sermon they had just heard. One of our talks was "Creation is Good." Below is the poem that 14 year old Tamisha wrote: Creation is in the trees Creation is in the bees. Creation is friends Creation is family. Creation is made of dust Creation is all of us. Creation is in the stars Creation is sung in bars Creation is easy to be found. Creation has no bounds. For Creation is Good.
  • Berry (SW District) — Vacation Bible School
  • Ebenezer (SW District) — We had Vacation Bible School this past week for 4 nights and averaged 35 kids each night.
  • Nauvoo (SW District) — Vacation Bible School was July 25th, 2015. We had 14 children and 12 volunteer teachers. We "Walked His Way" Thank you God

Congregations are celebrating new life in Christ through baptisms, professions of faith and recommitments of faith.

  • Acmar (CH District) — 56 year-old man with ALS professed faith in Christ, was baptized and joined church
  • St. Paul (ML District) — 2 baptisms this Sunday Praise the Lord!
  • Rescue (NE District) — We celebrated a profession of faith and a baptism today!
  • The Church at Ross Bridge (SC District) — The Spirit swept over our disabled population...4 members were "restored" to the faith.
  • Christ Church (SC District) — We are celebrating several decisions today: We have 2 new Christ-followers and 1 recommitting their life to Jesus! Great day for God!
  • Pleasant Grove (SE District) — 1 infant baptism
  • Bethlehem Station (SW District) — Youth retreat this weekend. One child accepted christ into his heart. We had baptism of six that had previously given hearts to the lord. 3 adults and 3 children. Baptized. We still have 3 more to be baptized that could not make it to the retreat. God is good.

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