2016 Denman Evangelism Award Nominations deadline is March 1


It is exciting to see a greater evangelistic emphasis taking shape across our North Alabama Conference and I appreciate the work you do practically sharing Christ every day. Along these lines, it is now time for the 2016 Denman Evangelism Award Nominations to be submitted. I am excited to announce this year, for the first time in our North Alabama Conference, we are offering the Youth Denman Award for a young person in our conference who exhibits a passion and gift for leading people personally to Christ.

This award will be presented to a young person during our North Alabama Annual Conference in June of 2016 at the same time as we award our adult clergy and laity winners. We are looking for exceptional people who possess a passion for connecting people to Christ and actively leading others to salvation. John Wesley said, “You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work.” This award revolves around not only individuals who are missional in their focus, but especially those who are evangelistic; actively leading others to Christ through professions of faith.

The Harry Denman Evangelism award was begun by The Foundation for Evangelism in 1981 as a way to honor United Methodist clergy and laity in each Annual Conference who exhibit unusual and outstanding efforts for their work in Christian evangelism. The award is named for the late Dr. Harry Denman, a Birmingham native and distinguished lay evangelist, who founded the Foundation on Evangelism in 1949. For more information on Harry Denman please view the information on our conference website, at www.umcna.org/denman or The Foundation for Evangelism, at www.foundationforevangelism.org

Clergy, laity and youth are eligible for this award and please note a primary indicator of this award is the fact that it showcases professions of faith. Neither the size of the local church, the age or gender of the nominee, nor the length of their service will limit eligibility.

You may submit your nominations by using the link below to complete your nomination electronically.  Alternatively, you may download the printable form below, complete the information, answer the questions regarding your nominee.Your printed nomination form may be mailed or faxed as noted on the form.

When submitting a nomination, please prayerfully answer the questions noted on the registration form. If you believe that a letter of recommendation would be helpful in the selection process, please submit those at the time of your nomination. Please do not send audio or video material such as information on a CD or DVD.

All nominations and pertinent information must be received in the Church Health-Evangelism office at The United Methodist Center, no later than  March 1, 2016.

To submit your nomination online, please click the link below: 

If you prefer to complete your nomination via paper, please print the clergy or laity nomination form below, complete and mail to the address on the bottom of the form:

Persons selected for the Award will be recognized at the 2016 Annual Conference. Thank you for helping us highlight people who are fulfilling the mission of The United Methodist Church by “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Thank you so much for caring about the important ministry of evangelism.


Rev. Michael Miller, Evangelism Chair North Alabama Conference
Pastor, Lakeview Pelham’s First United Methodist Church

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