2022 HealthFlex Annual Election period is Nov. 3-18, 2021


The 2022 HealthFlex Annual Election period is Nov. 3-18, 2021. During this time HealthFlex participants may evaluate their health insurance coverage and make any changes needed for the year 2022.

The North Alabama Conference website has a page of resources to assist participants in their Annual Election. HealthFlex participants can choose from a variety of plans for 2022 coverage including six medical, three vision and three dental plans. Go to www.umcna.org/annualelection2022 for information about and comparison of the 2022 plans. 

Participants are encouraged to use the online ALEX Benefits Counselor to estimate costs and receive a personalized recommendation for your 2022 HealthFlex Elections. ALEX does not make or save elections. Participants will still need to log in to Benefits Access and make their 2022 elections.

New Default Medical Plan

North Alabama Conference HealFlex participants who don't participate in Annual Election this year and make no elections for 2022, and are currently enrolled in the B1000 medical plan will be enrolled in the C2000 medical plan in 2022. The C2000 medical plan is replacing the B1000 medical plan as the default plan in 2022. The C2000 includes a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for $1,000 (single coverage) or $2,000 (family coverage) which effectively means the deductible for B1000 and C2000 are the same.

Participants who are currently not enrolled in the B1000 medical plan and don’t make any elections this year, will be covered by the same plan in 2022 as they are in 2021. Additionally, their vision and dental coverage will remain the same in 2022.

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