Ministry with the Poor Operational Team extends invitation to Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) national conference on Nov. 11-14

September 29, 2015

The Ministry with the Poor Operational Team is planning to take a group of spiritual leaders (both clergy and laity) who are called to be in ministry with the poor to the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) national conference in Memphis, Tennessee on Nov. 11-14. 

The CCDA national conference will inspire and equip us to do effective, Christ-centered ministry in communities of need.  It will also connect us to some of the best practitioners of ministry with the poor across the country.  You can learn more about CCDA at or  watch the video below.

The operational team is committed to giving everyone an opportunity to attend this conference regardless of one’s ability to pay. We will be taking several vans from North Alabama to the event.  If you choose not to ride the van, you are responsible for your own transportation expense. You will also have the choice of leaving late on the 14th or staying until the morning of the 15th.

Below is a tier system of payment that includes the rest of the cost of the trip for one person to a full scholarship and several tiers in between.  Please choose which tier works best for you.  Note: Food is not included. Each person will be responsible for covering their own food expenses.

  • Tier 1 leave on 14th ($395)
  • Tier 1 leave on 15th ($465)
  • Tier 2 leave on 14th ($295)
  • Tier 2 leave on 15th ($349.50)
  • Tier 3 leave on 14th ($197.50)
  • Tier 3 leave on 15th ($232.50)
  • Tier 4 = leave on 14th ($98.75)
  • Tier 4 = leave on 15th ($116.25)
  • Tier 5 = Full scholarship

To register go to

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