Cottondale UMC’s "A Shower for Mary" ministry reaches out to teen and single moms-to-be


The women of Cottondale UMC began a new ministry reaching out to teen and single moms-to-be. A Shower For Mary is a ministry that works with various agencies to throw baby showers for the mothers-to-be and offers help and mentoring in the early stages of baby care.

Noting that the most famous, unwed, teen mom in history was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the ministry asks, “What if the church was the first place a single mom-to-be turned for help?”

They note that many women have had the privilege of a baby shower thrown for them by their church family. Church members share in this exciting time in the lives of other members and make them feel loved and special. However, due to differing circumstances, many young moms-to-be don’t have a support network like this. They often feel ashamed and are even ostracized by the very people who should be their strength at this joyful and yet scary time in their life.

This raises questions such as, “Doesn’t any mother-to-be deserve the same love and care that anyone at our churches would receive? How nice would it be if she got to wear a pink or blue Mom-To-Be sash, eat cake and drink punch and have people dote on her? How much would she feel the love of Jesus while opening gifts wrapped up for her baby while surrounded by supportive women who are not judging her, but rather, loving her?”

The baby shower events aren’t fancy, but they are full of God’s love. The ministry strives to provide a safe place that is judgment-free. The goal is to show the mothers-to-be and their babies a Christ-like love.

The ministry has a lasting effect in altering the mothers lives for the better. They add, “Plus, who doesn’t love cake and punch and cute baby clothes?”

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