King’s Memorial and Decatur First UMCs provide leadership to Community Civil War Service in Decatur


Photograph is by Jonathan Baggs

Article written by Frederick D. Kennedy 

A Sunday morning cool breeze and fog on October 26, 2014, at 8 a.m. did not prevent the Community Civil War Church Service from being a success. The Community Church Service was one of several events observing the 150th Anniversary of Civil War activities in Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama. The service was held in Founders Park’s Daiken Amphitheater with the Old State Bank in the background.

The congregations of King’s Memorial UMC and Decatur First UMC provided leadership for the joint service. Both congregations trace their history to 1827 and were one congregation during the Civil War.

Judge David Breland welcomed the congregations, community, and friends to Founders Park and the Old State Bank Building. Music was provided by the joint choirs under the direction of Jimmy Cantrell, Brinda Greene, Fred Underwood and the Reverend Franklin A. Elliott. The Reverends Rudy Guess, Wylheme H. Ragland and Roderick Stallworth shared prayers, scriptures, and preaching.

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