Lay Ministry Blog: All that glitters is not gold


The Operational Team I’m a member of is reading a book entitled The Rare Find written by George Anders for the month of December. This book, of which I have read about one third, deals with the finding of talent in people for jobs, positions, missions, projects, and any endeavor that requires talent to accomplish tasks.

The book tells stories of how the most unlikely persons may have the exact tools to do the greatest job. Mr. Anders sites many examples from sports, research projects, investing, and corporations about how they find people to achieve the best results in work. Most entities use standard forms or standard methods of research to find people that are the most qualified on paper to do the work or perform a task. This normally means the best looking resume and the best grades; the most experienced normally get the preference when applying for a position. It is human nature to try to find the best by looking at these standard procedures. Yet, Mr. Anders points out the best in performance for the long run have qualities that cannot be condensed to a paper resume. For instance he uses the analogy that the resume needs to be read upside down to see what’s really in it. Maybe what’s not written on the resume is as important as what‘s written on the resume.  Many times questions about the resume will bring out the intangibles in one’s personality that make the resume come to life and tell the true worth of the person who has written the resume.

Mr. Anders cites many examples of how the most unlikely person with nonconforming information on a resume, performs the best once the challenges are set forth and the work begins.

Not to spoil the read of the book for anyone interested, I stop with what’s in the book and take what I have stated and apply it the Church. Lets’ start with the birth of Jesus, who was born in the most unlikely place, a manger, and to the most unlikely parents, a humble carpenter and a young virgin woman from the common people of the day.

These humble souls did not have the best resumes for the birth of the King, yet they were chosen and the rest is history; with the life of Jesus and what he meant to the world in his day and still means to the world today.

Jesus carried on this same theme in the manner in which he chose his followers and Disciples. He chose people from all walks of life and each earned a degree in helping Jesus change the world. For the most part the people he chose did not have these degrees in the beginning, yet had the abilities, personalities, charisma and passion to be great achievers for Jesus and helped him change the world.

Think of the times someone at your church has volunteered or been chosen for a task that made everyone very skeptical, and this person, to everyone’s amazement, performed beyond belief.

This happens all the time, yet we often write people off before they are tried and tested.

We have a tendency to read the resume and then interview the person. This can be good and bad especially if attitudes spring forth from the resumes that don’t let us see the true person and see the qualities that cannot be reduced to paper.

I don’t mean to pick on resumes. They are important, but sometimes what’s not in the resume is more important than what is in a resume.

So many times in looking for the real gold in a person, we are blinded by glitter that comes from the polish spread on the situation and we only see the window dressing of a person.

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, which is a time of being thankful, we should look for opportunities to thank others for the things they do for us. The things that make our lives easier and the things someone else did for us whether we know they did it or not.

I want to thank the District Lay Leaders for the visits they have made in attending the Charge Conferences this fall. The District Lay Leaders have spread the word of Celebration of God’s work in the Districts. I also appreciate them sharing the celebration of Camp Sumatanga, celebration that Camp Sumatanga is on the upswing financially and is constantly being updated.  All in the North Alabama Conference need to support Camp the remainder of this year and going forward into 2015 and beyond. Please keep Camp in your thoughts and in your prayers this Holiday Season.  Please send a financial gift this fall and make a pledge for next year.

Blessings of Thanksgiving to all in North Alabama,
Steve Lyles
Conference Lay Leader

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