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This blog strives to help United Methodists connect our faith with issues of social justice and public policy as well as how we can strive to live into our social principles as a church. One of the most divisive issues not only in the church but in our country today is abortion. On one side, many feel that the life of unborn babies is not held in dignity. On the other side, many feel that the worth and dignity of women and the incredibly difficult decisions that many have to make concerning pregnancy are not valued. Rev. Eddie Gooch is very passionate about this issue and in this blog he offers a way for our church to strive to care for all people – both unborn babies, orphans, and mothers.

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It Takes a Church to Raise a Child (and Care for a Mother)

This week marks the 42nd anniversary of the court case called "Roe vs Wade", which legalized abortion in the United States. There have been more than 50 million babies aborted in these last 42 years, and often this issue has been used as political fodder to talk about the rights of the baby or the rights of the mother. But we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, have been called by God to love both the mother and the unborn child.

Two years ago my wife and I answered the call from God to do something about this in a most unusual way. We are called to love children yet to arrive, but what about the children who are already here among us? In the state of Alabama we have more than 5000 children waiting to be fostered / adopted, and as disciples of Jesus Christ our family answered God's call to care for the orphans. Currently we are fostering to adopt a sister and brother, ages 8 and 7. Our family was led to this decision after worship when my wife said that we had to act on our faith by bringing children into our home who didn't have a family. The process can be overwhelming, and, as all parents know, raising kids whether by fostering, adopting, or birthing is certainly challenging, but we cannot imagine life without them. Last October these children, who now call us mom and dad, were baptized!

How is God calling you to share God’s love with both mothers in difficult situations and with children – both born and unborn? Perhaps your church could start support groups for women with unplanned pregnancies or for single moms. Maybe you could invite your local DHR workers to talk to your members about how they could be foster parents. And finally, maybe all of us can realize that it does in fact take a church to raise a child. God is calling us to care not only for our biological children but for all the children in our community – especially those who are orphans. Please join me in prayer on behalf of moms and children who need Jesus, and may we as disciples of Jesus help bring the children to Him for the transformation of the world! God bless you!

Rev. Eddie Gooch
Pastor of Isom's Chapel

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