Glory Sightings This Week (Week of Sunday, January 25, 2015)


“The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one.” John 17:22 (NRSV)    
North Alabama Conference congregations are now sharing Glory Sightings as part of their Weekly Benchmark Report. This is an opportunity to share a brief statement of how God is at work in the church and community. The practice of regularly sharing Glory Sightings becomes a time of encouragement as we are reminded that God is always at work. It is a reminder to stop, pay attention and give thanks.    
We celebrate and give thanks for all the Glory Sightings shared by local churches this week. Congregations celebrated sharing mountain top experiences; miraculous healings; worshipping and fellowshipping with other United Methodist congregations.
Below are highlights of the Glory Sightings shared.

Congregations were equipped to provide exceptional and effective ministries to children, youth and young adults through the Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century Annual Training Event.

  • Restoration Mission (SC District) — We were blessed to have 30 people in attendance at the SBC-21 Conference at Camp Sumatanga this year.
  • Hopewell (CE District) — The Hopewell United Church's Ladies of Hope represented the Church well at SBC21 on Friday evening. Keep on dancing for God!

Congregations celebrated updates to their buildings and the ministry of music. 

  • Capstone (SW District) — We celebrated our final service at the Tuscaloosa River Market before beginning weekly services at Glory Bound Gyro Co. on February 8.
  • Jennings Chapel (SW District) — New pews! People were pulling together to share joy!! AND our Confirmands helped set up pews & enjoyed each other!
  • Woodstock (SW District) — We were blessed by our new church music group, The Wannabes.
  • Duncan Memorial (SE District) — Sunday Night Worship Service Singing with Fellowship Quartet attendance was 85
  • Mt. Carmel (ML District) — First Sunday after the church had a new church sign erected on highway.
  • Anniston First (CH District) — Pipe Organ re-dedication after reconditioning. More than 600 people attended a Diane Bish concert to help celebrate God.
  • Birmingham First (CE District) — Our Day of Thanksgiving Sanctuary Renovation Celebration Concert

Congregations welcomed new people.

  •  Bethlehem Station (SW District) — A 50 year old man who we have praying for gave his life to Christ Sunday morning.
  • Flint Hill (SE District) — On January 11, we had the honor of 2 baptisms. One was a 14 year old African American young lady and the other was a 68 year old white male. Flint Hill is looking more and more like the body of Christ. We have a Sunday school class that rotates worship duties at the Nursing Home. Today, we served Holy Communion. One of our members ask a lady who could not attend the service if she would like Holy Communion and she said she did. After the service, we took it to her. Afterwards, she told us, this is the FIRST time she had ever had Communion.
  • Bethlehem (Lineville) (SE District) — 1 New Profession of Faith. 2 received back from another denomination
  • Woodlawn (SC District) — Our worship attendance average for the month of January has increased significantly, and there is good energy and response felt in our worship. It’s an exciting time at Woodlawn.
  • Harpersville (SC District) — Praise for 2 young families continuing to visit and get plugged in!
  • Christ Church (SC District) — Family joined today
  • Neel (NW District) — We had one baptism, one profession, of faith in Christ, and we are having two baptisms next Sunday. God is good.
  • Fairview (ML District) — Received a New Family into Our Church
  • Crossville First (ML District) — Rev. Brinkman baptized his last grandchild
  • Centre (ML District) — 2 became members by transfer
  • DeArmanville (CH District) — Two visitors from the community attended Sunday School.
  • Boldo (CE District) — WOW! Wednesdays Of Worship! Is growing! (Contemporary service on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.)

Congregations celebrated outreach ministries that are transforming lives in their communities. 

  • Reform First (SW District) — J.A.M. (Jesus and Me) is a ministry of fun, food, and fellowship for adults with special needs.
  • Kellyton (SE District) — Pastor and three members replaced the floor in an elderly woman's home.
  • Chapel Hill (SE District) — Chapel HIll supported the Interfaith Food Closet through a cash donation and an extremely abundant donation of food items. Two visitors seeking a home church joined our worship service.
  • Center Hill (SE District) — Member of our church, mentioned the needs of a family close to her. Several members got together and purchased over $260 worth of groceries for this family along with inviting them to church.
  • Canterbury (SC District) — When I took the brown bags to a family their son greeted me at the door and helped with the bags. He was so excited as he looked through them. Pulling out the jar of peanut butter, he started yelling, "Peanut butter, hey Mom, look we got peanut butter. I sure do like peanut butter. Thanks!" It is so touching to see him excited over something as simple and basic as peanut butter.
  • St. John (NW District) — community league basketball at St John!
  • Muscle Shoals First (NW District) — We continue to see God at work in our outreach as the congregation comes together to provide clothes (five boxes this time) in local ministry for the indigent.
  • McKendree (NW District) — Community computer class has 20 senior adults enrolled.
  • Springhill (NE District) — Completed our can good drive for Harris Home for Children - collected 360 cans. Also, our Lay Leader accepted his call to the Ministry to Proclaim the Gospel
  • Lakeside (NE District) — This was our “Community Day of Giving” worship. We served 11 people from the community.
  • Cotaco (NE District) — One lady who came to our food pantry confessed her sin and received forgiveness and counseling.
  • Christ Central (ML District) — Food Pantry served 132 families & East Gadsden Ministry served about 100 people.
  • Wise Chapel (CH District) — Our board voted to open our church as a community warming center during cold weather.
  • Ragan Chapel (CH District) — There were new people at the food bank this past weekend to invite to worship.
  • Ranburne (CH District) — We obtained free warehouse space for a new food ministry for our community.
  • Jacksonville First (CH District) — We began a ministry of feeding the hungry once a month called The Serving Table. Our first event involved 40 "servants who were the hands and feet of Christ for this event. They served food for 31 people and offered winter wear to those in need from our community.
  • Evergreen (CH District) — Evergreen UMC reached out to a family our community this week who had a death in their family. They did not plan a funeral service but asked our church if they could have a family Visitation time at the church. Although they are not current members, this family has ties to our church that go back 75+ years. We provided refreshments & coordinated gifts of food from the community. Friends, neighbors, and family members came to comfort the grieving family. It was an honor for our church to be utilized for this family and our community in this time of need.
  • Eulaton (CH District) — The church members are reaching out to a woman who has no family. She fell, broke her hip and been diagnosed with cancer. They have shown her love and support during this health crisis in her life.
  • Acmar (CH District) — Man on church prayer list has remained sober for 2 years. Working during this time as a team truck driver. Now praying for new employment and home.
  • Pinson (CE District) — Our Food Pantry Ministry distributed food to 46 families!
  • Hayden (CE District) — Witness to the lost in thrift store.

Congregations celebrated disciple-making ministries and small groups. 

  • Aliceville First (SW District) — We began our Wednesday night fellowship meal and small groups.
  • Riverchase (SC District) — Saturday morning: 500 folks on campus in 7-8 various ministries.
  • Julia Street (ML District) —34 people attended the new Sunday night Worship/ Small Group.
  • Ohatchee (CH District) — The people that come from three age groups on Wednesdays are beginning small groups for those age groups.
  • St. Andrews (CE District) — - 1 lady in church trained for Stephen Minister. - 2 people trained to start a food bank. - Having 27 youth attend Wednesday night worship. - 2 bible study sessions going on with 45-50 total attending.
  • Old Zion (CE District) — We  celebrated the completion of Discipleship 101 class. Five people who wanted to learn more about Jesus and how to live as His disciple participated.

Congregations celebrated disciple-making ministries with young people. 

  • Lowell (SE District) — A teenager from neighborhood came to Sunday School and worship and sang a solo! Praise the Lord!!!
  • Fredonia (SE District) — A member noticed the bulletin announcement for SIFAT's 48-hr Slum Experience. She shared it with her 18 yr. old son who decided to attend. The young man was so moved by the Experience that he plans to return next year and volunteer the following year. He also plans to invite friends to participate.
  • Moulton First (NW District) — 49 Different children and youth involved in worship, study, and mission this week!
  • New Hope (NE District) — 3 new youth joining our youth group
  • Gandys Cove (NE District) — Had 35 attend our Friday night Youth Fellowship and worship!
  • Skirum (ML District) — Young member gives his testimony of 6 months drug free after 6-year addiction. Full house with many who struggle with addiction.
  • Brownsville (CH District) — Our children and youth are in charge on the 4th Sunday. We had solo's lead by a 4 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. Their signing was very inspiring.
  • Lincoln (CH District) — Began Confirmation class with four students who are seeking to be baptized on Easter!
  • Warrior First (CE District) — Youth bible study! New approach working!

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