Glory Sightings This Week (Week of Sunday, February 1, 2015)


“The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one.” John 17:22 (NRSV)      

North Alabama Conference congregations are now sharing Glory Sightings as part of their Weekly Benchmark Report. This is an opportunity to share a brief statement of how God is at work in the church and community. The practice of regularly sharing Glory Sightings becomes a time of encouragement as we are reminded that God is always at work. It is a reminder to stop, pay attention and give thanks.  
We celebrate all that God is doing in North Alabama.  Congregations celebrated powerful times of worship together and sermons and guest speakers who moved church members to action. They also celebrated miraculous healing and ministry with families affected by illness.
Highlights of Glory Sightings shared include the following:

Congregations celebrated “Souper Bowl” Sunday through reaching out to their community and those in need.

  • East Lake (SC District) — Our congregation went all out on Souper Bowl Sunday! We received an overwhelming number of food items for Eastern Area Christian Ministries.
  • Duncan Memorial (SE District) — Duncan Memorial had a Souper Bowl Luncheon after Morning Worship. The meal consisted of Soup & Sandwiches and a donation to the Crisis Center was taken to help with their program of feeding those less fortunate.
  • Lineville First (SE District) — We had a wonderful Souper Bowl Sunday meal after church, with a silent auction that raised over $1500 for missions. This is an annual event to raise funds for mission and outreach.
  • St. Luke (SW District) — Super Bowl Sunday - Big lunch with 3 visitors and 4 new members in attendance

Congregations celebrated groups and opportunities for people to grow in discipleship and spiritual leadership. 

  • Ohatchee (CH District) — God called the Youth/ Pre-teens/High School Seniors and graduates to start three small groups on the 4th of February.
  • Weaver First (CH District) — Our Wednesday night Kids for Christ had 21 children, Praise God.
  • Somerville (NE District) — ABIDE Process gaining momentum.
  • Columbiana (SC District) — Our two new Young Adult Sunday School classes are growing and account for an 18% increase in Sunday School attendance from September 2014 to date.
  • Riverchase (SC District) — Over 100 youth came to an 'early' session of youth before the Super Bowl started for games and fellowship. Fun times watching them.
  • Woodlawn (SC District) — We had a very productive leadership retreat at Sumatanga on Saturday. We reaffirmed our vision to be a Christ-centered community living wholly, serving openly and living in hope - and planned our year's ministries around it.
  • Bethlehem (Lineville) (SE District) — 1 youth and 2 young adults assisted with Holy Communion
  • Nauvoo (SW District) — 2 attending the Leadership 3D Conference
  • Hayden (CE District) — Over 40 pastors at prayer Summit.

Congregations welcomed people into a new relationship with the church and Jesus Christ.

  • The Gathering Place (CH District) — Praise God for the 20 people that publicly professed their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism!
  • Ragan Chapel (CH District) — We had a family visit that is being followed up on by the congregation.
  • Whitehall (ML District) — 1 person made profession of faith and 1 person baptized
  • Madison (NE District) — 4 Youth made first time commitments to Jesus!
  • Sheffield First (NW District) —During The Edge Worship Service, we baptized and received into membership one of our youth from our youth program. Then during our Classical Service later that morning, we baptized a child and a single mom. We also received her and her step-father into membership as they took their membership vows together. It was a day for God's glory to shine.
  • Christ Church (SC District) —2 young ladies prayed to receive Jesus. 2 people made recommitments to Christ and following Him!
  • Center Hill (SE District) — We had two to receive baptism and one remembered her baptism this past Sunday.
  • Pleasant Grove (SE District) — A blessing to see the inactive members coming back to church and actively involved in the ministry of the church.
  • Taylorville (SW District) — We had several new visitors, and have seen many folks return from the 'holiday break'.
  • Bethlehem Station (SW District) — we had 38 children in church sunday. it was awesome
  • Bethlehem (Hueytown) (CE District) — A family of 3 joined Bethlehem UMC
  • Graysville (CE District) — We added a new church member yesterday.

Congregations shared the Gospel through words as well as actions of service, hospitality and faith.

  • Evergreen (CH District) — Evergreen UMC youth Sunday school class has taken on the monthly "wish list' of the Red Barn as a mission project- did a great job collecting requested office supplies for January- to be delivered next week.
  • Pell City First (CH District) — Praise report during service from a homeless man the church has been assisting. He stated "he hopes to be the man we think he is."
  • Ranburne (CH District) — God has provided a warehouse for our food ministry, and we expect to distribute 6000 lbs of food to our community this week.
  • Wise Chapel (CH District) — We were able to raise over $2000 in one Sunday for Relay for Life.
  • Hewett Memorial (ML District) — From our children's minister: A kid came up to me tonight and said, "Miss Carmen, I was reading my Bible on the bus today and my friend wanted to know where I got such a cool book. I told him at church, and that he could come with me, and maybe they would have some more. I told him about that big ole giant Goliath that fought with the little guy, David, with a glingshot (last week's lesson). But the big bully didn't win because the little guy had Jesus on his side!" Hewett UMC is planting seeds. This child is not even able to read yet, but is telling people about Jesus! By the way, his friend did come to church tonight and we did give him a Bible. A big thank you to Riverchase UMC for gifting us the box of Bibles. Nights like tonight make me lift my hands and shout, "Thank you, Jesus!"
  • New Hope (NE District) — A man struggling with faith joining a mid-day bible study
  • J.O.Y. (NE District) — Change of worship time from 1 o'clock p.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the same place. Due of lack of space at Asbury UMC, it has appeared impossible, but surprisingly God made a room for us during that time slot. Morning service time will be attracting more Korean people, I believe. Praise the Lord!
  • Forrest Chapel (NW District) — Two pairs of church members deliver Meals on Wheels on two different days a week in the Hartselle area. One group serves 18; the other serves 13
  • Muscle Shoals First (NW District) — Five boxes of clothes were collected and distributed to local families in cooperation with a local charity.
  • Morning Star (SC District) — This Thursday we will meet at a visitors house for prayer and Bible study.
  • Flint Hill (SE District) — This past week as our UMM were serving hotdogs at the local crisis center, a lady asked what church they belonged. They told her Flint Hill, our location and invited them to Sunday worship. She asked if we had a bus that could pick them up and our member said, "No, but we will on Sunday if you need it!" Yesterday, two of the UMM drove the bus and brought the lady and 15 others to worship.
  • Rock Mills (SE District) — The community reached out for a family in the church and raised money for their needs.
  • Wadley First (SE District) — It was announced that we have raised over $1400 for Backpack ministry.
  • St. Andrews (SE District) — Praying for a company to start a prayer group. They start two this week and will be led by a member of the church.
  • Aliceville First (SW District) — 245 families received a bag of food this week through "The Lord's Pantry"
  • Christ Harbor (SW District) — A member felt God impressing upon her to give $500 to the church. She wrestled with this and asked for signs that it was really from God. After several confirmations through songs and devotions, she wrote the check. Last week, she received a check in the mail for $500. The check was dated the day after she wrote and gave the check to the church!
  • Reform First (SW District) — 58 Families accepted grace in the form of food from our Food Pantry.
  • Pinson (CE District) — Lay Volunteers from our church are starting a new ministry that starts this month. Our volunteers will provide tutoring for 11 students from a local elementary school. Our prayer is this will grow into an after-school ministry for children and youth in our community. The "seed" for this ministry was "planted" around 15 years ago!
  • Fairview (CE District) — The Church served 55 families on Saturday, January 31st at our Food Pantry.

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