A transition design experience available for moving pastors

May 22, 2017

Successful transitions are about intentionality.

A coaching experience is available for moving pastors offering a safe, creative space to design how you, your family and your congregations move through the appointment change coming soon in your lives. Participating pastors will explore three aspects of the transition process – leaving well, living non-anxiously in the chaos of in-between and starting strong in your new setting.

Participants will join a group of four to six colleagues coached by Rev. Lonna Lynn Higgs. Rev. Higgs is an ordained elder in the North Alabama Conference. She is an ICF credentialed coach and owner of coaching4growing, llc.

The groups will be formed based on the people who express interest. Pastors may self-select a group with three or four friends who are moving or the coach will form groups for interested persons who do not express a group preference.

Each group will meet via videoconference for one hour twice per month. Pastors will have opportunity to benefit not only from coaching but also from the wisdom and experience of persons on the same journey as you.

The cost is $25 per month. Contact Lonna Lynn at coachlonnalynn@gmail.com or 205-919-8298 for more information.

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