Adult Discipleship Blog: Racial Relationships within American Methodism

June 25, 2020

I have been blessed by the opportunity to teach in the Alabama Course of Study School for several years now. The work continues to be rewarding to me, and the students continue to challenge me to grow in every way—mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and theologically. I have adapted a course on the Wesleyan Movement that I teach in an online format; as I write this, the students and I are nearing the end of that course.

As part of the class work for the course I asked students to write an essay on the history of racial relationships within American Methodism. Their responses inspired me so! I added a bonus assignment for them. Here is the text of it.

"I have been blessed by reading your essays on the history of racial relationships within American Methodism and your comments on the last two blog posts, The American Methodist Movement - 1 and The American Methodist Movement - 2, pertaining to the issue of racism and the myth of white superiority. The world-wide movement of protesting and opposing racism today is evidence that there is much work yet to be done in order to forge justice and make peace on Planet Earth. I have been jarred, inspired, encouraged, and equipped by a couple of videos. I urge you to view them and to make good use of them, too. Check them out. Here are the links:

Ted Talk by Heather C. McGhee
Deconstructing White Privilege

As you reflect on the videos, what are your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and resolutions? What action do you feel invited to take?"

I share my experience with Alabama Course of Study Students, together with these two video resources, hoping and praying for an increase of God's sovereign rule throughout the world.

Rev. Roger Short
Conference Spiritual Formation Team Convenor

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