Alabama Emmaus Community resumes activities

October 04, 2021

COVID-19 has not been able to stop God’s work through Alabama Emmaus ministries. After a year and a half with no Walks, Camp Sumatanga has again come alive with the sound of talks being given, communion served, songs sung, food shared, prayers lifted, jokes told, more singing, more eating—and most of all sharing of hearts.

During the late spring and summer months, several church and cluster groups spent many Saturday workdays cleaning Hutto Auditorium and the South Wing at Camp Sumatanga. In anticipation of Emmaus Walks resuming, walls, floors, windows, upholstery, refrigerators, kitchen utensils and even some ceilings were cleaned. Gallons of Clorox, dozens of canisters of antiseptic wipes and just about any kind of cleaner you can think of was used. The Banner and Agape Rooms were cleaned and when the first Walk of 2021 arrived, Hutto never looked or smelled better.

August and September saw Walks #494 (women’s with 13 pilgrims), #495 (men’s with 16 pilgrims), and #496 (women’s with 16 pilgrims) move forward with grace and love. Men’s Walk #497 is set for October 14-17 with 14 pilgrims currently registered. All 2021 Walks have had vaccinated conference room team members and pilgrims, and to our knowledge no COVID spread has resulted from these Walks. The Teams have been striving to follow CDC guidelines and put the health of pilgrims and team at the forefront.

With the number of pilgrims per walk limited to 21 (+ or – one or two), the smaller table groups have been able to bond and share at a deeper level. Many team members have commented on the quality of group prayer time and sharing. Even smaller worship services have not been diminished by smaller numbers. God and His Love have been present at each one in a powerful way.

Plans are set for the Hallelujah Homecoming!

On October 5-16, 2021, the Emmaus Community will gather to celebrate being back together at Sumatanga. It will be a time of sharing the past, present and future of our Alabama Emmaus community. Activities include a Memorial Service to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone on before us during the last two years. Training will be offered to those who wish to learn ways of serving our Lord through Emmaus.

Visit the Alabama Emmaus website to learn more about the overnight event and to register for the classes you would like to attend. The registration deadline is October 8, 2021.

Looking ahead to 2022

To prepare for 2022, the Emmaus Board has prepared a Wish List for Hutto Auditorium:

  • replace blinds in the auditorium
  • replace folding chairs/chair storage racks
  • plumb dining hall
  • replace carpet with laminate in worship workroom
These are just a few projects we would love to see accomplished. They will benefit all the groups utilizing the Holy Ground at Camp Sumatanga, not just the Emmaus Community. If individuals or Clusters would like to be blessed by giving, simply contact the Emmaus office and talk to Angel Rait at 205-812-0345, or Community Lay Director Teresa Walker at 205-863-0888.

The first Walk of 2022 will be Women’s Walk #498 led by the Holy Spirit and Tami Kelley. Please join the Emmaus Community in prayer for...

  • the Emmaus Board of directors in making decisions
  • good sponsorship
  • 2022 Pilgrims and Teams
  • Emmaus Ministries worldwide
World events like a global pandemic may have tried to bring a halt to Alabama Emmaus Walks, but God’s Holy Spirit is breathing new life into the Emmaus Rooster!

De Colores!
Deanna Shotts
Assistant Lay Director
Alabama Emmaus Community

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