Application for presentations to the 2020 North Alabama Annual Conference is now open

December 12, 2019

The North Alabama Annual Conference Executive Planning Team is now receiving applications for presentations to be offered to the 2020 Annual Conference Session which will be held May 31-June 2 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, with the theme “Singing God’s Song with Those Forgotten.” The focus will be Conference priority of Ministry with the Poor.

“With the possibility of business resulting from General Conference 2020, regular Annual Conference business and presentations focused on Ministry with the Poor, the 2020 North Alabama Annual Conference will be a busy Christian Conferencing event that will require us to focus and observe the mindset of John Wesley when he stated in his historic questions, Will you observe the following directions? a) Be diligent…Never trifle away time…b) Be punctual. Do everything exactly at the time. May our time of conferencing be so diligent!” says Rev. Andy Curtis, Annual Conference Production Team Leader.

The Annual Conference Production Team will evaluate applications with priority given to those that align with this year’s theme. Rev. Curtis adds that those who are required to present business during the Annual Conference session will automatically be approved, and completing the application simply ensures they are included in communications from the Annual Conference Production Team as details for the Conference are finalized.

“We are very thankful for everyone’s interest in Annual Conference, and we ask their patience in this process as we design a great event that will be informative and inspiring,” says Director of Connectional Ministries Linda Holland.

Applications must be received no later than February 1, 2020, and can be submitted at

To ensure sufficient time for applications to be reviewed and presenters who are selected to be notified in a timely manner, February 1 is a firm deadline and those selected to present will be notified and provided with more details by the end of February. Ministries and institutions within the North Alabama Conference are also invited to submit a written report for inclusion in the PreConference Book/Journal Vol. I regardless of whether they wish to present from the stage during Annual Conference. These yearly reports are any important means to get information to all North Alabama congregations and to be part of the Conference's historical record of ministry. The deadline for PreConference reports is also February 1, 2020.

For questions about the Annual Conference production process, please contact Production Team Leader Rev. Andy Curtis at Questions about the presentation application should be directed to Leadership Development Administrator Rev. John Fleischauervat

Click for the 2020 Annual Conference Presentation Application


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