Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett to continue as North Alabama episcopal leader through 2021


We are all aware that we are navigating our way through a difficult and unique time. The pandemic is something we have not faced in our lifetimes. During this time, our churches and Conference have had to be flexible to adapt and to remain faithful.

Because of the postponement of the General and Jurisdictional Conferences, the decision has been made to assign our Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) Conference Bishops back to their current areas until the postponed 2020 Jurisdictional Conference meets on November 20-21, 2021. This is a wise and prudent decision. It allows seasoned leaders to continue to give leadership in the area where they have the knowledge to be able to serve as an anchor as we chart our way forward.

We are pleased that Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett will continue to serve as our Episcopal leader during this time. We join in continued prayer support of her leadership of the North Alabama Conference.

Steve Lyles Andy Wolfe
Lay Leader, North Alabama Conference
Member, SEJ Committee on Episcopacy
Chair, North Alabama Committee on Episcopacy


The following announcement comes from Bishop Leonard Fairley, President of the SEJ College of Bishops.

The SEJ College of Bishops announces the plan for episcopal supervision for the Southeastern Jurisdiction until the 2020 postponed session of Jurisdictional Conference in November 2021. This plan was developed in consultation and dialogue with the SEJ Committee on Episcopacy, and the Council of Bishops has affirmed the actions of the SEJ College of Bishops to provide coverage in each episcopal area.

The assignments for the jurisdiction are:

  1. Alabama-West Florida – Bishop David Graves
  2. Florida – Bishop Ken Carter
  3. Holston – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor (postponing retirement)
  4. Kentucky and Red Bird – Bishop Leonard Fairley
  5. Memphis and Tennessee – Bishop Bill McAlilly
  6. Mississippi – Bishop James Swanson (postponing retirement)
  7. North Alabama – Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett
  8. North Carolina – Bishop Hope Ward (postponing retirement)
  9. North Georgia – Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson
  10. South Carolina – Bishop L. Jonathan Holston
  11. South Georgia – Bishop Lawson Bryan (postponing retirement)
  12. Virginia – Bishop Sharma Lewis
  13. Western North Carolina – Bishop Paul Leeland (postponing retirement)

The current SEJ Committee on Episcopacy will continue to work with the College of Bishops to support the episcopal leaders and the conferences they serve.

In Christ,
Bishop Leonard Fairley

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