Adult Discipleship Book Review: The Soul of Money


“Where your treasure is, there will be your heart.”—Jesus
“Follow the money.”—Deep Throat
“Show me the money!”—Jerry McGuire

In a recent daily devotion email, Richard Rohr commends Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money. Lynne has been a long time global traveler and fundraiser for The Hunger Project, a worldwide effort.

Among those with whom Lynne has hung out are Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Oprah, corporate heads, and movie moguls. And also, with Gertrude and friends in the basement of a Harlem church, groups of people in remote villages in Ecuador, India, Guatemala, Senegal, Bangladesh and more.

Twist explores the gigantic power money has over all of our lives, its capacity to define what and who matter and don’t. Whether a lot or a little, there is a life-shaping choice between our money that we have—or that has us.

Lovett Weems's summary of John Wesley’s understanding of money is apt: ‘Money is a terrible master but a wonderful servant.’ Money is not trashed in this book but its capacity to be a means of grace, of soul power, is affirmed.

Names of some of the 12 chapters are evocative but really will come to life in your reading of them:
Scarcity, The Great Lie: Our planet does not produce enough for us all.
Sufficiency, The Surprising Truth: Our planet does have enough for us all.
Money Is Like Water: We do have capacity to direct its flow for good.
What You Appreciate Appreciates: To see what we do have gives strength.
Collaboration Creates Prosperity: Working together trumps competition.
The Power of Conversation: We figure out together what we never get solo.
Creating a Legacy of Enough: Our generation provides for the next.

This book is not expressly religious but expresses a practical lived-out spirituality. The book’s value for an individual reader will be multiplied by small group or class study. It will not give Dave Ramsey tips for your household budget or a 1-2-3 plan for raising a church budget. But Lynne Twist shares a transformational way of life from tight greed and fear to a life of expansive gratitude and generosity. With such, households, churches, maybe even the world will have enough.

Reviewed by Rev. Bill Morgan

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