Cahaba Bend "Prayer for Schools" encourages students, educators

October 08, 2020

Wanting to show support for locals schools in the midst of a pandemic, Rev. Patrick Friday and the congregation at The Church at Cahaba Bend (South Central District) strategized, planned and implemented the "Prayer for Schools" initiative during the month of September. The goal was to show students, parents, teachers, school administrators and staff care and support in challenging times.

The Church at Cahaba Bend organized a city-wide prayer walk for schools in Helena, praying for God’s protection, guidance and grace. Teachers, staff and other leaders were prayed for by name. In an effort to support safety and concern for their neighbors and each other, mask-wearing and appropriate social distancing were practiced. On three separate Sunday afternoons, the congregation and their guests walked the campuses of Helena Elementary, Middle and High Schools while praying for a safe and productive school year.

"We feel it is part of the Wesleyan tradition," said Rev. Friday, who serves as senior pastor of Cahaba Bend. "John Wesley called for acts of mercy and piety. We want to be engaged in the community, and show that we love our teachers, students and parents."

In addition to the prayer walks, church members displayed yard signs printed with the message "Pray for Our Schools" and offered them to any home in the community who wished to show support for the initiative. While the signs were offered at no charge, those who wished to donate were invited to help fund the church's goal to help students in need. The goal was to raise $10,000.

"We got noticed," Rev. Friday said. "Someone in the community shared a picture with Mike Dubberly, an anchor at TV station WBRC. He shared it on social media, and it got over 1,500 likes. Folks were asking who these people are. We had the opportunity to be examples of the love of Christ."

A full report is available in an article published by the Shelby County Reporter. Click here to read it.

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