Certification course for Spiritual Direction starts in March 2023

January 31, 2023

According to Rev. Renae Perry, a supply pastor serving Cahaba UMC and a Certified Spiritual Director, "Spiritual Direction Is a companioned journey that helps you care for your soul, learn to hear the Spirit’s voice, and explore spiritual practices that help you notice God at work in your life."

It was a discovery that changed her life and her faith walk. "I first heard the term Spiritual Director in 2019. I am surprised now that it was a new concept to me then, but a clergy mentor shared the practice with me back in 2019," she said. "By the first months of 2020, I was enrolled in a Spiritual Director Certification Program through Metagem Institute." Metagem is a nonprofit based in North Alabama which trains and certifies Spiritual Directors in addition to teaching and offering experiences in a wide variety of spiritual practices.

"My time with Metagem was transformative," she continues. "I grew spiritually, formed community, and learned to hear God’s voice more clearly." The program puts a heavy emphasis on the transformation of participants, believing that learning to know themselves and know the Holy Spirit’s voice in their own lives is just as important as knowing the fundamentals of spiritual direction. "I discerned my own calling to ministry in the container of presence and practice I experienced in community with Metagem." she said.

Today Rev. Perry works part time with Metagem as faculty and in communications and administration. She credits her time in the certification program with helping her discern her call to pastoral ministry. "Because of the sacred conversations I had with my own spiritual director and the Metagem community, I am serving as a pastor today," she explained. "It is a privilege to continue the good work of transformative, sacred conversations with my own directees, the students, other faculty, and larger community of Metagem Institute."

If you have experienced and have a desire to share the transforming power of community soul-caring conversations, you can apply to Metagem Institute’s two-year certification program for the formation of spiritual directors and companions. 

Applications are open now for the 2023-2025 cohort. Coursework begins in March with the first session scheduled for May of 2023. Click here to find more information and discern if this program is for you, or you may contact Rev. Perry at 334-328-7057 or renaerperry@gmail.com.

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