Conference Archivist to offer weekly series of "Sesquicentennial Moments" to celebrate North Alabama Conference's 150 year anniversary

March 27, 2020

A Sesquicentennial Moment 1

This year, 2020, marks 150 years since the North Alabama Conference was founded. A sesquicentennial is often a time used to look back with pride at what has been accomplished. But our forebears have not always had an easy time of it. Time and again they were forced to deal with new and unforeseen problems. They made their share of mistakes.

But Methodists in north Alabama persisted. Their story—our story—is the subject of the forthcoming For Jerusalem’s Sake, I Will Not Rest: 150 Years of Methodists at Work in North Alabama, to be launched at this year’s annual conference session. Published jointly by the NAC Commission on Archives and History and the NAC Historical Society, For Jerusalem’s Sake is an anthology of essays covering the amazingly broad range of ministries, challenges, setbacks, and triumphs that Methodists here have faced during the last 150 years.

You will receive this book as a free gift when you become a member of the North Alabama Conference Historical Society.  More information is forthcoming. Watch for details on the Conference website.

Today we are facing an uncertain future—just as our predecessors once did. But at least we have their experiences on which to build. And over the coming months, we will be writing several Sesquicentennial Moments drawn from chapters in For Jerusalem’s Sake.

—Guy W. Hubbs
North Alabama Conference Archivist

The year 2020 marks 150 years since the North Alabama Conference was founded. This spring Conference Archivist Dr. Guy Hubbs is offering a weekly series of Sesquicentennial Moments drawn from the new book For Jerusalem’s Sake.

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