D.S. Letter to the Southeast District

November 14, 2022

Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community is the last book written by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. before his assassination in 1968. The book is a series of essays that addresses among other things, the status of the Civil Rights movement, its progress, and what he believes it will take to move it forward.

The title of that book is applicable to where we find ourselves as members and constituents in the United Methodist Church and the North Alabama Conference today. In these difficult days of division, discouragement, drama, discernment, and decision, many are tired of the contention, accusations, acrimony, and false information spread throughout the church. They are wondering about the status of the United Methodist Church, its progress, and want to know what it will take to move it beyond the present circumstances and dilemma. Furthermore, for many local church members, they are seeking to discern if there is going to be a United Methodist presence in their community.

The Southeast District, North Alabama Conference, and the NAC3 team in conjunction with Bishop Wallace-Padgett are committed to informing and providing ministry opportunities for those who desire to remain United Methodist but find themselves without a church home. We in the Southeast District want to affirm those who desire to remain and let you know that we are aggressively working to create information portals that will inform about existing churches and new worship opportunities that will become available in the days to come.

If anyone is affected by disaffiliation and desires to remain with the UMC there are some things that can be done. If there is not a United Methodist Church close, you can transfer your membership to the Southeast District while searching for your new church home. Call the district office and provide your contact information so that we can register you and keep you updated on our progress. We are developing a database of churches in areas around the district that will be excited to welcome you and your gifts for ministry. We are also developing new ministries in new communities that will be offering new expressions of our mission, message, and movement. Every district will have a District Developer who will identify opportunities for ministry that can be planted or expanded in that local area.

Finally, please share with everyone in your circle of influence and beyond that the United Methodist Church is not lost, stagnant, or destroyed. We are moving forward from chaos to community in the truth of God’s Word and the power of God’s Spirit.

Blessings and Peace,

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