Disaster Response to January Tornados

January 15, 2023

On Thursday, January 12, the state of Alabama was hit with multiple tornados. Our prayers go up for all who were affected, and our hearts move us to want to respond in ways that will alleviate suffering and help people rebuild their lives, homes and businesses.

Through UMVIM and UMCOR, the United Methodist Church is always ready to respond. Items from our Disaster Response warehouses are already finding their way to areas of need. Disaster Response coordinators in areas that were affected are assessing needs. Faithful United Methodists in the communities that have been affected are already responding.

As larger coordinated efforts get underway, please keep in mind the following information:

  • Wait for an invitation from a response coordinator in the affected area before deploying.
  • Make sure you are properly prepared for the work that may be needed.
  • Clothes and second-hand household items are often the last thing needed, and often wind up being a burden on local solid waste disposal systems.
  • Only deploy with a team under the guidance of a trained team leader.
  • Utilize UMVIM insurance for your team members in case of accident or injury.

If you have questions, you may contact folks on our North Alabama Conference Missions Team, our North Alabama Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, or me, your UMVIM Coordinator.

More information will provided on the North Alabama Conference website at a later time on how you can help restock the Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur, and help with clean-up and recovery efforts.

Rev. Todd Owen
North Alabama Conference UMVIM Coordinator

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