Disaster Response Update: Hurricanes Florence and Michael (Updated Oct. 22, 2018)

October 22, 2018

Update October 22, 2018

Here is the latest information we have for the needs of volunteer teams. Contact the appropriate Conference Disaster Response Team to register your team or for more information.

Alabama-West Florida Conference

Teams from outside their Conference are NOT being requested at this time. However, they have set-up a website to pre-register Teams at https://awf-reg.brtapp.com/DisasterResponseTeam A dedicated toll-free phone number has been established: 888-942-4477. A dedicated email address for these efforts has been created: hurricanemichaelrecovery@awfumc.org.

The quickest way you can personally help those in need is through monetary donations. You may donate online at Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference Disaster Response or send a check to:

Alabama-West Florida Conference
Attention: Suzanne Krejcar
4719 Woodmere Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36106
Memo line: Hurricane Michael Recovery

South Georgia Conference

Early Response Teams are needed now in Southwest Georgia following Hurricane Matthew. If you have a team ready to serve, please contact Luis Morales at morhilll@gmail.com or 478-335-6678. You can donate directly. Please use Conference Advance Special #6796 - South Georgia Storm Recovery (Disaster Response). Address: PO Box 13145; Macon, GA 31208 or online at Online Disaster Response Donations

North Georgia Conference

North Georgia is not requesting any assistance at this time.

South Carolina Conference

They are requesting Teams and to register your team with the United Methodist Church Disaster Recovery to assist with the rebuilding of homes and churches please contact screcovery@umcsc.org or 803-888-3051. You can also donate directly to them at Online Donation South Carolina UMC. You can also mail your donation. Mail a check payable to SC Conference of the UMC and send to:

SC Disaster Response
4908 Colonial Drive
Columbia, SC 29203

North Carolina Conference

North Carolina is asking for Response Teams. To schedule contact the Disaster Response Call Center at disasterresponse@nccumc.org or 888-440-9167. You can also donate directly to the Conference at North Carolina Conference Online Giving or mailing check. Make check payable to NC Conference and send to:

Conference Treasurer-Raleigh Area
P.O. Box 890202
Charlotte, NC 28289-0202
with “S00176 – NC Storm Response” on the memo line.

Western North Carolina Conference

Western North Carolina Conference is also open for Response Teams. Visit their website for information on team registration, as well as donating directly to their Conference at Western North Carolina Annual Conference Disaster Response

Virginia Annual Conference

We have not received any requests for Volunteers at this time. We will let you know if this changes.

Holston Annual Conference

They are not needing volunteers at this time. We will let you know if this changes.

North Alabama Disaster Response Warehouse & Mission Center

The Warehouse has been very busy sending supplies and coordinating our responses for material assistance. Here are the ways you and your congregation can help YOUR Warehouse:

  1. First, at this time they do NOT need any Health/Hygiene Kits.
  2. Become a partner with the Warehouse by sending $10 a month to the Warehouse. We receive no funding from UMCOR or from your Conference Giving. These funds are used to cover operational expenses such as rent, phone, internet, utilities and other operational expenses. You can mail your Partner Gift to UMC Disaster Warehouse & Mission Center, P.O. Box 1133 Decatur, Al. 35602
  3. Volunteer at the Warehouse to help put kits together and ship supplies. Call the Warehouse at 256-341-9961 to schedule your time. An hour, half day, full day or week—all volunteers are welcome!
  4. We are currently collecting the following supplies:
  • Box fans
  • 25 ft. extension cords
  • Mosquito Repellent (Deep Woods Off preferred brand; Avon also has a good repellent)
  • Flat shovels
  • Garden rakes
  • 2 wheel Wheelbarrows.
  • Individuals with at least ¾ ton truck or larger to deliver supplies to designated places. We would also use larger box vans or someone who has a tractor trailer and current CDL to deliver supplies.
  • Packing tape
  • SHOCKWAVE Disinfectant, Sanitizer and Cleaner. This is being used more often in lieu of Bleach. You can purchase this online and have it shipped directly to the Warehouse at 3220 Hwy 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603
  • Cleaning Buckets. They have plenty of buckets but need the items for the buckets. The list of items can be found at Cleaning Bucket Instructions
  • Tornado Buckets. This is a kit unique to our Warehouse. It contains some of the most needed items after wind related damages. Items needed can be found at Tornado Bucket Instructions

As we become aware of other needs we will let you know. If you have not already done so, or have someone who is asking about updates, make sure you sign up for our email updates at https://www.umcna.org/disasterresponsesignup

Again, I thank each of you who have and continue to respond to these many needs. Know that you are the hands and feet of Jesus in places where people often wonder if God cares. They discover that God cares because YOU care!

Randy Burbank
Disaster Response & Recovery Coordinator, North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org
Cell Phone: 205-907-2657
Office Phone (monitored 24/7): 205-932-6244

Update October 18, 2018

Message from the United Methodist Disaster Warehouse in Decatur

The United Methodist distribution Center in Apalachicola, Florida, just called and alerted us that they need all the Tornado Buckets they can get for wind damage.

Currently our Disaster Warehouse in Decatur only has two pallets (72 buckets) ready to ship. We have already shipped around 2,000 of these. We have the (empty) buckets but NOT the contents! Please share with your congregation the need for the following supplies!

Supplies in a Tornado Bucket

  • 45 8 penny nails in a plastic medicine bottle or other container (We have these)
  • 1 Claw Hammer
  • 1 pair Leather palm-cloth back gloves (for fiber glass in debris)
  • 1 Magic Marker to mark boxes indicating which room items go
  • 1 Wide Cellophane tape to put together the U.M. packing boxes
  • 15 Black Trash bags with draw strings for trash
  • 10 White 13 gal kitchen trash bags with draw strings for salvageable items
  • 10 One gallon zip lock bags for jewelry, make up and other valuables
  • 1 Box Cutter
  • 1 small roll of toilet tissue in a quart zip lock bag
  • 1 pair Safety glasses for hammering tarps, wooden strips, on roof
  • 6 Clear large plastic bags to cover blown out windows
  • 1 Shirt pocket notebook, pencil & sharpener (For a family and make their “to DO List”)
  • 3 Tampons or pads in a snack zip lock bag
  • Flashlight & Batteries separately
  • Insect Repellant

Deliver your collected supplies to the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse at 3220 Hwy 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603. Also, please call the Warehouse at 256-341-9961 before making your delivery to alert the volunteers of the incoming supplies.

Thanks everyone,
Ray Crump
Director Disaster Warehouse

Update October 11, 2018

Here is the latest information from Alabama-West Florida Conference.  Watch for more updates.

Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2018, 4:50 PM

In anticipation of needs and offers of assistance coming forth, we have set up the following communication channels. We will let you know later if we will be requesting teams and to what extent those teams will need to do. However, I wanted you to have this information in case people should ask.

Thus far we have one district (to the west of Panama City) reporting no major issues. I will be going towards Panama City/Mexico Beach/Port St. Joe tomorrow to begin assessment work.

Visit www.hurricanemichaelrecovery.org

There you can:

  • Submit a prayer request
  • Donate to relief efforts online or learn where to mail a check
  • Register a team offering to work

We have also set up a dedicated phone number and email address:

Rev. Robert E. Haynes, PhD
Disaster Response and Recovery Team Coordinator
Alabama/West Florida Conference
The United Methodist Church

Update October 10, 2018

We are all aware of the situation with Hurricane Michael. Prepare now to respond to our next door neighbors in this way:

  1. Pray. Form prayer circles at work, with you neighbors, family or at your church.
  2. Begin recruiting now for Teams to go assist when we receive the go-ahead. DO NOT GO UNTIL IT IS DEEMED SAFE BY EMERGENCY OFFICIALS.
  3. Begin collecting needed supplies, which include: Fans, 25 ft. extension cords, flat shovels, garden rakes, mosquito repellent, SHOCKWAVE cleaner (you can order this from Amazon and have it shipped to the Disaster Response Warehouse and Mission Center), and assorted sizes of tarps.
  4. Begin collecting money because both Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence will be long term response and recovery efforts.
  5. Pass this along to someone else and encourage them to sign-up for our updates.
  6. Watch for emails that will contain specific requests.
  7. The Decatur Disaster Response Warehouse needs volunteer drivers with trucks and trailers to deliver requested supplies. Contact the Warehouse to Volunteer.
  8. Volunteer at the Disaster Response Warehouse and Mission Center to prepare shipments and receive donations.

As soon as I know more information I will pass it along. Thank you in advance for the many ways I know you will respond.

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org

Update October 8, 2018

The South Carolina Conference has extended the invitation for ERTs. Contact information is included below. Remember that much work is needed now and even more work will be needed for their Recovery.

Also, please see excerpts from the latest Disaster Warehouse Newsletter below.

I wanted to let you know that the South Carolina Conference as opened up to outside ERTS from the Jurisdiction.

We only require the team leader to be ERT leader trained.

Teams interested in volunteering should contact Chuck Marshall at (864) 216-1876 or sp_disasterresponse@umcsc.org

Matt Brodie
South Carolina Conference

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org

Disaster Warehouse Newsletter

P.O. Box 1133, Decatur, AL 35602
3220 Highway 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603

Carolina Flooding supplies shipped last week

North and South Carolina are now ready to receive disaster supplies. Sager-Brown in Baldwin, Louisiana has shipped UMCOR Cleaning buckets. We shipped a 53’ tractor trailer load of requested supplies from Decatur.

We shipped your supplies to those in real need. There are plenty of places these tools can be used. Below is a listing of the items that were shipped to the flooded areas:

  • Claw hammer for individual families to begin taking down sheet rock, paneling, etc.
  • 3” Packing tape for the families to tape boxes of things they want to save and store while their home is being repaired.
  • Latex dipped Gloves for handling wet glass insulation and sheet rock.
  • A small box of flat pry bars for removal of paneling and carpet tack strips.
  • Tyvek Suits for a fire department that has chemical companies in their coverage area.
  • Rubber boots for where water is still standing
  • Commercial Mop heads for use in large manufacturing companies for cleanup.
  • Mop buckets with the handle on them to squeeze out the water into the bucket.
  • Garden Sprayers for families to spray their homes for mildew and mold. These may be passed around in neighborhoods for use in multi homes.
  • Packing boxes to be used with skids of different size boxes to packing item to be stored for use in their home after it is renovated.
  • Box fans to help dry out homes after spraying for mild and mold.
  • Extension cords
  • Two wheeled Wheel Barrows for churches to give to families who need help and do not have a way to remove wet carpet, sheet rock, glass insulation, etc.
  • Shovels for families to remove mud.
  • Rakes& to gather tree limbs and trash in a house and in their yard.
  • Green Tornado buckets with items needed to put a tarp on a house.
  • Tarps
  • Hammers and nails
  • Bundling wooden strips to hold tarps on damaged roofs

Second Shipment Goes to North Carolina

On Saturday, October 5, a full 53’ truck load goes to those hurting. This load is going to two (2) distribution centers 70 miles apart. If anyone in your family served in the army and spent time at Ft. Bragg, they will know how flat and swampy the land is in that part of the country.

We have received reports that “the mosquitoes are so big, they can carry a person away.” Workers and citizens cannot find enough insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes away.

We need all the mosquito repellant we can find. You have just read what was on our first truck load, but we do NOT have the manifest for the second truck at this time. It will follow. More mosquito repellent can go on the third truck load next week.

Thanks for all you are doing!

Update: October 3, 2018

This is from our Conference Disaster Response Warehouse & Mission Center. Please respond for the needs are great and many.

Last night the U. M. Disaster Relief Warehouse received two different requests from North Carolina. This will be our second 53 foot eighteen wheeler of disaster supplies going to North Carolina.

They are requesting items that are extremely low in the warehouse. Please ask our churches if they can help.

Here is what people are needing:

  • Box Fans **
  • 2 gallon garden sprayers **
  • 25' extension cords **
  • 2" packing tape **
  • 60 two wheeled wheel barrows
  • 12 pallets of packing boxes for things people can save while their homes are being repaired.

** signifies GREAT need.

If your church can help, please contact the United Methodist Disaster Relief Warehouse at 256-341-9961.

This is an urgent request for North and South Carolina.

Additionally, we are receiving requests from individuals who would like to help in the aftermath of Florence looking for Teams to be a part of. If your congregation or group is putting together a Team, please let me know so that I can help make the connections. When you begin planning to send a Team, contact the North Carolina Disaster Response Team and then contact me.

Working together we can do a lot more.  If you are interested in joining a Team, you can also contact me at rburbank@umcna.org, Office: 205-932-6244 or Cell: 205-907-2657

All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:27 (NLT).  

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org


Update: September 26, 2018

I have just received this request from Steve Taylor from the North Carolina Conference.  Please read it carefully and coordinate your teams through their Conference Disaster Response Team.
"We have asked the SEJ CDRCs to begin sending teams. I put this out to you all as well. We are ready to begin receiving ERTs in many of our areas. Please have your ERTs go through our operations center at: 888-440-9167 and disasterresponse@nccumc.org.
In the next few weeks as flood waters recede, we will enter a phase where we can receive ERT leader, led teams of UMVIM volunteers. We are not quite there yet, but will let you know when we will be there.
Please come, we need your help!
Peace and grace,
Steve Taylor
Love God with all your heart.  Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to Him!
In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org

Update: September 17, 2018

The effects of Hurricane Florence continues. This morning I was on a conference calls with Conferences affected by Florence. At this time, we are asking you NOT to deploy at this time.  I am aware that there may be many of you who have friends and family in the impacted areas who may have or will call you for assistance.  
In order to control the chaos as best we can, we ask that you still operate under our Standard Operating Procedures which is that we do NOT self-deploy and that we work with and through the affected Annual Conference.  As soon as it is safe and possible, an invitation will come and I will share it with you.  You can also follow requests for ERTs through the UMVIM website.  The North Carolina Conference will be asking for ERTs so begin now planning for deployment, BUT PLEASE WAIT FOR THE INVITATION!  
If you are interested in helping North Carolina and have a team ready to deploy, you can contact the North Carolina Conference directly at their Conference Center at 888-440-9167.  Due to volume of calls, please leave a message.  They will collect your information and contact you later.  You can also visit the Conference Website www.nccumc.org which will link you to their Disaster Response site.
South Carolina has flooding in the northern part of the state.  They are not accepting ERTs nor supplies at this time.  But as soon as their needs are identified, we will pass it along to you.  Their conference website is www.umcsc.org for links to their Disaster Response Website.
Due to extensive flooding, we ask that you refrain from sending supplies until drop-off locations are established and then send only the supplies asked for.  They are working on a list of needed supplies and will be shared as soon as it is available.  
One item you can begin collecting is the product called SHOCKWAVE.  You can order it through Amazon and other online sources.  This product is a disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner and is better and less hazardous than bleach. 
The update below from the Western North Carolina Conference is for your information.  Please note their strong suggestion for any teams that go when the time comes, to have appropriate vaccinations.  More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.
Here in North Carolina we are not out of the woods.  Many areas will experience flooding over the next few days.  For my area, the Western North Carolina Conference we are still waiting for waters to receede so we can do assessments.  Our teams are not encouraged to go out into harmful or dangerous situations.  Please encourage your ERTs to wait for the invitation.  
North Carolina Department of Transportation, in conjunction with governors office is suggesting that travel is not advised 'in or through' North Carolina.  Here is a link to get road condition status.  https://tims.ncdot.gov/tims/
On the news yesterday it was reported that sewage systems are being flooded and sewer lines have ruptured in some locations.  While your teams are waiting to come and assist, encourage them to use this time to get any vaccinations or booster shots to avoid future possible illnesses.
Ricky Hill
Our office will let you know more as soon as we know.  Keep praying.  And please remember this is going to be a long-term event for both relief, and even longer for recovery.  Long after The Weather Channel leaves, the needs of people are still present.
In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference

September 11, 2018

We have all been keeping watch with the Weather Channel and the track of Hurricane Florence, as well as two other storms in the Atlantic. I want to encourage you to engage in 3 things immediately:
  1. Pray!  Pray that this impending disaster will not happen. Pray for the evacuees as they leave behind homes. Pray for the emergency workers who are now preparing. If Florence does hit land as a hurricane, pray for those same emergency workers who will be out there working hard and hardly resting.
  2. Begin planning now your response, whether it is giving what will be needed most and for the longest, money, or planning to send a team to assist. If you are planning to send a team, please wait for the invitation from the affected Annual Conferences. As soon as I receive it, I will pass it along to you.
  3. Finally, and this is crucial, help the Conference Warehouse in Decatur. Please read the follow newsletter from the Warehouse and volunteer NOW to help out. DO NOT send any items to the Warehouse or the impacted areas, unless directed by your Conference Disaster Response and Recovery Team and the Disaster Warehouse Team.
Thanks for the times past when you have responded so generously and please start your response to Florence now!
In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference

Disaster Warehouse  Newsletter

P.O. Box 1133, Decatur, AL 35602
3220 Highway 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603

With 3 Hurricanes and Shoe Boxes everywhere HELP is NEEDED at the Warehouse

This has been a busy year for us! Now we are seeing the TV news about Hurricanes Florence, Isaac and Helene. These are bringing the possibility for flooding and destruction. We have Christmas shoe boxes all around the warehouse.
We need the following immediately:
  1. Volunteers to help work the shoe boxes and get them packed for shipping and up off the warehouse floor.
  2. We need two (2) gallon garden sprayers to help fight mildew and mold following the flooded home.
  3. We need 25’ extension cords to be used by box fan, which we have.
  4. We need anyone living close to a Target or Walmart to check daily and ask when they might reduce their prices on the 70 or 100 sheet spiral bound notebooks. When they reduce the price to 75% off and that is when you act. Please go in and offer them a nickel for each 70-count spiral bound notebooks. We will take all they have on their shelves and what they have in their back-storage room.

    Stores need the shelf space for Halloween and Christmas products. We need all the spiral bound 70 sheet one subject notebooks for the UMCOR School kits. We will reimburse you for the total amount when you present your receipt at the warehouse.They may have more than your car will hold, so you may want to find a pickup truck before you start your daily search.The employees may tell you when they anticipate the price reductions taking place.This will help you.

    When stores reduce their prices by 75%, all school paper is gone within twenty-four hours. Two years ago, the paper sale and hurricanes happened at the same time and we missed the sales. We ran out of the school paper. Do not be surprised if you have paper stacked above the cab of a pickup truck. We need it all. We will reimburse you for your expenses.

    If you can make such a deal, please call us from the store immediately (256-341-9961). Let us know how many notebooks you have.
Hope to see you at the warehouse in the next three weeks.

Thanks, and may God bless all our efforts!

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