Disaster Response Update: North Alabama storms and Tennessee fires - Updated 12/1/2016


Disaster Response Update 12/1/2016

Health Kits and Bedding Kits

I have received word from UMCOR and the UMCOR supply depot at Sager Brown of their current needs.

Amy Fuselier, Director of UMCOR Sager Brown, sent the following message:  “I would like to thank all of the many churches who responded to our call for cleaning buckets in September after the flooding. The response was overwhelming.  Because of your generosity, we at UMCOR Sager Brown, were able to replenish our inventory and prepare ourselves for the next request for assistance. I now come to you with a new request.  Sager Brown is in need of health kits and bedding kits. Our inventory is not quite where we would like it be should we be called to respond to another disaster. In light of the on-going fires in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, I expect that requests for kits will soon occur. If you and your congregation are able to assist with this request, that would truly be a blessing.

You and your congregation are encouraged to make these needed disaster response kits and deliver them to our United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur.

Click the links for kit directions:

The United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse is located at 3220 Hwy 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603. Please contact the Warehouse at 256-341-9961 to alert the volunteers of your delivery. If you are unable to deliver the kits to Decatur, please contact your local District Office.  At the current time Disaster Response Warehouse volunteers cannot travel to pick up these kits. Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Online Financial Donations

Additionally, we are thankful that now we have a quick way for you and your congregation to financially assist with the response and recovery from these storms. Check out our Disaster Response and Recovery webpage at www.umcna.org/disasterresponse. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a "Donate Now" button to click to make an online donation to support this important mission.

We appreciate this support and appreciate even more your prayers as we offer grace in the dark places by offering hope to the survivors.

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference
Email: rburbank@umcna.org

Disaster Response Update 11/30/2016

Recent disasters are making the headlines this morning and we wanted to bring everyone up to date on what we know.

First, regarding the storms that passed through North Alabama last night and this morning. Local EMA officials are still doing what is termed "windshield assessments," which means they are in the impacted areas to see what is needed. As soon as we hear from them, the Conference Disaster Response and Recovery Team will share with you how we can assist the survivors. If you are in an impacted area and can provide detailed information on what has happened in your area, please call me at 205-907-2657.

The second headline disaster is the one in Tennessee impacting Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.  I have been in contact with one of the Disaster Response Coordinators in the region and below is the latest information from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

There are still many areas where emergency personnel have not be able to reach for initial "windshield assessments." A plan is being put in place.  The Seventh Day Adventists will be setting up a Receiving and Distribution Center for relief supplies.  This next sentence is important: BUT AT THIS TIME, NO LOCATION HAS BEEN FOUND OR ESTABLISHED AS THE RECEIVING AND DISTRIBUTION CENTER. This means that the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is asking that NO supplies are to be sent at this time. As soon as the Receiving Center is established and needs are relayed to us we will let you know. For now, the only and most important thing you can do is pray for the emergency workers and the survivors.

Thanks for all this Conference does in times of disasters. Watch for more update.

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response and Recovery Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference

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