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One of the boards I serve in North Alabama as Conference Lay Leader is the Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida Board. Serving on this board is very rewarding. I have enjoyed learning about the quality of the Methodist homes. Learning about the many programs they provide for their residents and how meaningful their service is to families, employees and to the many Methodists of the North Alabama and the Alabama West Florida Conferences. Recently an article was published on our Conference website showing a picture of Bishop Wallace-Padgett offering the prayer of dedication at the February groundbreaking celebration at Fair Haven in Birmingham. This extensive expansion to provide a new form of senior living is expected to cost approximately $42.4 million over the course of the next two years.

It’s never too late nor too early to love God and try to live a life that pleases him.

Mrs. Theolene Hurst lives this motto everyday as she shares her poetry with some select clergy and laity. I am including her latest poem which is entitled “Easter.”

Mrs. Hurst, originally from Decatur, is a resident of Fair Haven. She shares her poetry with the readers of this blog to remind us that Easter is the reason we exist some 2000 years after the life of Christ.

We thank Mrs. Hurst for sharing her latest poetry.


Easter is a holy day
Sacred in a special way —
At Eastertime Christians share
Easter memories in prayer./p>

One remembered memory
Is Garden Gethsemane —
Remembering that sad day
When Jesus went to pray.

Christ showed disciples where to stay,
And he told them to watch and pray.
Christ had a need of his own:
He needed to be alone.

Jesus Christ had always known
What he must suffer alone —
He knew of the mental stress
And physical painfulness.

Jesus Christ was well aware
Of all He would have to bear —
And there in that lonely place
Jesus Christ fell on his face.

Christ knew he had to fulfill
His Father’s predestined will,
and there in Gethsemane
Christ prayed very sorrowfully:
“O my Father, can there be
Any possibility
That this cup can pass from me,
This prayer I lift up to Thee:

If this cup can’t pass away,
Then these prayer filled words I say:
“Not mine — but Thy will be done”
Were promised words of God’s Son.

A reluctant memory
That in sadness Christians see
Is a place called Calvary,
That’s well known in history.

Where Jesus was crucified
Between thieves — one on each side,
Where for repenters Christ died,
Where Christ’s pain can’t be described.

No printed or oral word
Has been written or been heard
That can describe nor explain
Crucifixion’s deadly pain.

For sin repenters sake Christ died,
And not for what was specified,
But for all sinners who repent
Who in remorse are penitent.

For the way they lived each day
In a mortal sinful way,
But, when Christ’s teachings are known,
And Christ’s way of life is shown,

Realize that their lives can’t be
Lived sinfully constantly,
As sinfulness has not bought
The happiness that they sought.

Knowing what Christ’s teachings mean,
And Christ’s way of life is seen,
Will in remorseful despair
Plead for forgiveness through prayer.

Forgiveness sets mortals free
From final death’s penalty,
And mortals can live each day
In a Jesus Christ thought way.

And will know at their last breath
There will be no fear of death,
As they have Christ’s protection
In promised resurrection.

And will transcend time and space
Into Heaven’s Holy Place,
To be with their loved ones there,
And together they will share

Heaven’s joyful happiness
And its hallowed peacefulness,
And with God and Christ to be
Throughout all eternity.

Easter memories will be
Always a reality,
And will always be a part
Of each Christian’s mind and heart.

Easter has been — and will be
In Christian theology —
And Easter will lays be
Part of Christianity.

Mrs. Theoleen Hurst, Age 97
Resident of Fair Haven in Birmingham
Spring 2016

Blessings to all that read this blog, please pray for our Church and our North Alabama Conference Delegation going to General and Jurisdictional Conferences this year.

Steve Lyles
Conference Lay Leader

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