Lay Ministry Blog: Pull up and shoot a three


If you are on God’s team it’s ok to “pull up and shoot a three” wherever you are on the court.

I use this analogy from basketball to say that when God is the coach of the team, you are greenlighted to shoot from anywhere. To go further in the analogy, how many times have we as individuals tried to set up a play when all we needed to do was shoot the ball at the basket? How many times have we as Christians said, “Let’s get a strategy, plan a play, then try to synchronize the plan” when what we really needed to do was throw caution to the wind and shoot from the hip?

You're probably saying, "Steve, what are you talking about?"

We miss many opportunities in witnessing for God because we have a tendency to over-plan when all we really need to do is to say what is on our mind to someone who needs to hear the word of God.

God is our coach and he is using us to send his messages of grace. All we need to do is ask the necessary questions and then move out of the way. God will do the rest. So it’s ok to pull up and shoot a three -- hit or miss. Once we shoot the ball and it leaves our hands, the rest is history. God will have players in charge of rebounding, playing defense and getting ready for the other aspects of the game.

As we enter the Holidays, you and I will have ample opportunities to witness and "shoot a three." So, pull up and let the ball go toward the basket. Let the words come out of your mouth to people who need to hear them, “Have you thought about giving God a chance to solve your problems or become involved in your life?” This could be a family member, a rank stranger or an acquaintance that crosses your path. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness for God!

Changing the tone of this blog, I urge each of you that read this collection of words to remember November and December are the months of giving and being thankful. Please say thanks for all we take for granted. I believe the number one thing to be thankful for is that we live in a free country where we have everything to be thankful for. As for December, the month of giving, God gave us the greatest gift of his son Jesus Christ who came to save the world.

As Conference Lay Leader, I am affiliated with some wonderful agencies that depend on gifts of love in the form of money to be able to thrive and do their important ministry.

Please keep the following in your prayers and remember them with your generous gifts this Christmas so their ministries can flourish:

Jesus said we would have the poor with us forever, but he did not say for us to abandon them, letting them starve. Feed the Poor wherever we find them with food and love. . .

God bless you and your personal ministry for God.

Pull up and shoot a three for God; he will direct the ball to the goal

Steve Lyles
Conference Lay Leader

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