McClellan Cluster in Anniston does home repairs to make God known


The McClellan Cluster is alive and well in Anniston and the Cheaha District.  It was formed around 10 years ago consisting of the smaller United Methodist churches in the area working together to do things that they couldn’t do by themselves.  Every church is represented by the pastor and at least one lay person.

On June 13, 2015, they built an ADA wheelchair ramp for Michelle Miller, the 2014 Ms. Wheel Chair Alabama. Ms. Miller did not have a ramp to get in and out of her house, even though she went to work every day.  Her husband would lift her wheelchair with her in it over the doorway, but it had become difficult for him to do it. With financial donations within the Cluster we were able to afford the building materials.  Led by the Weaver First United Methodist Men’s group and members from other cluster churches we were able to build the ramp. 

We also recently began work helping rehab a house in the Anniston area. We were able to get the old carpet out so the wood floors underneath can be sanded and finished.  We have some other projects coming up on the schedule to do; another ramp to build, and another house to rehab. These are just some of the ministries we are involved in working  together as small member churches to serve God.  The Cluster also provide repairs and services to the homes of the elderly as part of their Elderly Enabler ministry.

On September 27, Ms. Miller will be the speaker at the cluster's joint worship service at McCoy UMC.

 Rev. Abi Carlisle-Wilke says, "We believe God is moving in our churches and our cluster providing us ways to serve him, love him and make him known to others."

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