Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Annual Conference 2018


Dear Friends,

I have heard many people comment on how they appreciated the tenor and spirit of the 2018 North Alabama Annual Conference.  If you like the way our Annual Conference session went, look in the mirror as you are the North Alabama Annual Conference.

From my seat as a bishop, I saw many beautiful features to the 2018 North Alabama Annual Conference. This is because you are an amazing Conference with a multitude of strengths. I particularly appreciated the:

  • Meaningful and lively worship coordinated by Rev. Lonna Lynn Higgs, Rev. Dr. Mitchell Williams and their team;
  • Great preaching and teaching by Bishop Sharma Lewis and Rev. Dr. Kevin Watson;
  • Excellent presentations by the Ethnic Ministries team under Rev. Dr. Clinton Hubbard’s leadership;
  • Celebrations of major life stages for clergy and spouses, including services of licensing/commissioning/ordination, retirement and memorial;
  • Outstanding Laity address, Laity lunch and Lay Servant ministries presentation;
  • Report of 1,871 professions of faith and 1,619 baptisms during 2017;
  • Recognition of launch of 60 new faith communities, including fresh expressions, celebrate recovery, restarts, vital mergers, satellites, new services and new congregations;
  • Respectful plenary conversation and debate about difficult topics;
  • Strong attendance at each of the Annual Conference sessions, peaking on Monday morning with 1,130;
  • Kids Camp children and leaders
  • And so much more

You, the North Alabama Conference, are a remarkable group of people who worship, celebrate and discern business together in ways that honor God. As always it is a privilege to serve as your bishop.

In Christ,
Debra Wallace-Padgett
Resident Bishop
North Alabama Conference

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