Methodist Homes announces Fair Haven’s new name and logo


In the course of its work in redefining home at Fair Haven, the Methodist Home in Birmingham, and also at its sister community at Wesley Manor in Dothan, Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida has undergone the re-branding process.
It is the pleasure of Methodist Homes to introduce all North Alabama Conference friends to the new names and new logos for Fair Haven and Wesley Manor!
These new names and logos were developed with great care and thought to get them to the finished work you see here. In October these name and logo changes will be announced to the public, but associates, residents, friends and family of the ministry are getting to have a first peek.
While not as dramatic as Wesley Manor’s change, Fair Haven’s change is very important. The words ‘retirement community’ will be dropped and the name will officially become Fair Haven. Now Fair Haven’s name reflects the active and vibrant campus that it really is, shedding any connotation limiting its appeal to others. The magnolia blossom is a warm and welcoming symbol that makes one feel as if surrounded by southern hospitality, and is very prominent in Birmingham culture. The oval element reflects the stately rounded u-shaped front entrance driveway that is a signature of Fair Haven. Its gold color suggests the elegance of what will be the new gated status when construction is complete. 
A more dramatic change is the name change from Wesley Manor to Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. The term ‘manor’ has become outdated and no longer meets the image that Methodist Homes wants to convey to the Dothan community. The use of the honeysuckle blossom in the logo naturally denotes its location on Honeysuckle Road in Dothan, as well as the new name. The blossom is an emotionally positive and joyful symbol for ongoing new growth and transformation. The square element in the logo reflects the actual configuration of the community.     
The selection of a flower for each logo speaks to deep roots and enduring traditions. Each logo’s color palette is bright and hopeful while remaining warm, welcome and respectful. Like everyone in the Methodist Homes communities, the use of a single blossom shows that each person is one of a kind to be appreciated and treasured. These blossoms also serve as a reminder that “the touch of God’s love is ever-present and ageless.”
You will begin to see the use of the new names and logos very soon. Thank you for your continued support of Fair Haven.
You can see this most current update and archived updates at To find out more about Fair Haven, visit or call 205-956-4150.

The new Assisted Living building, side view, features the beauty of the new facade.

The new Long Term Care building construction is progressing well.

Progress is also being made on the new Short Term Stay building.

The use of the honeysuckle blossom in the logo naturally denotes its location on Honeysuckle Road in Dothan, as well as the new name.

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