Mt. Mariah UMC children and youth learn to give and support Imagine No Malaria


To give the Youth a different experience during the Holiday Season Mt. Mariah UMC's Youth Coordinator Charlene Gaines, with the support of the church's Nurture Committee, presented those present with $20 gift certificates. 

Just as their eyes started to light up, they were told not to spend a dime on themselves nor members of their family.  They were instructed to purchase items for someone in need or perhaps someone that just might need cheering up. That lesson being, Christmas is not just about you.

That lesson set the tone for another the important subject “Imagine No Malaria”.  Gaines shared the story of the plight of millions of children in Africa, where pennies can help save lives. The congregation followed up with a special offering later in the service. A donation of $90 was sent to the “Imagine No Malaria Fund” on behalf of the Children and Youth of Mt. Mariah United Methodist Church. So North Alabama is $90 closer to its goal to raise $1 million for this effort.

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