New website feature highlights local church Glory Sightings

January 09, 2019

Each week, North Alabama congregations share a real-time snapshot of their ministry through the Weekly Benchmark Report. Among the things reported are the congregation’s worship attendance, membership, baptisms and professions of faith for the week. Congregations are also encouraged to report “Glory Sightings.” 

What is a Glory Sighting? It is a celebration noting where God is at work in the congregation or community.

The Weekly Benchmark Report has a field for each congregation to share a short (think Twitter length) and specific statement of celebration noting an example of God’s work in and with the congregation that week.

Glory Sightings may include stories such as beginning new ministries, welcoming new members, celebrating baptisms and professions of faith, witnessing transformation in a person’s life, making connections and meeting the needs of people in the community, recognizing new life God is giving to the congregation and more!

To encourage North Alabama United Methodists to celebrate the Glory Sightings happening throughout the annual conference, a new feature has been added on the front page of Conference website. Each time you visit the Conference homepage (, the new feature will scroll through a random selection of the week’s Glory Sightings submitted by local churches.

How to share your church’s Glory Sightings

Make sure the person responsible for completing the Weekly Benchmark Report knows the celebration and shares it in the Glory Sighting field of the Report by the weekly deadline of noon on Tuesday,

A new batch of Glory Sightings is curated and loaded into the Conference site each Wednesday morning.

What if our story is longer than just a brief statement?

Summarize it in the Glory Sighting field on the Weekly Benchmark Report and then share the whole story with the Conference Office of Communication staff so they can help tell your story to others through the Conference website, eVoice and social media.

For instructions on submitting a story to the Office of Communication go to

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