Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty Blog: Children's Health Insurance Plan


8.9 million U.S. children will soon be without VITAL healthcare if CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan) is not restored to our nation's budget.  You know these vulnerable, God-given gifts to us; many of them have parents who work but make too much to access Medicaid yet cannot afford other health insurance options. 

As Methodists, we share a holy calling to sing Mary's song to "magnify the rejoice in God our lift up the fill the hungry with good remember God's mercy and his promise to Abraham" whose descendants number the stars.  In this last week of Advent, as we approach welcoming again the Christ-child, will you join our calling?  Will you stop and CALL YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE TODAY?  Ask them to "Restore and Fully Fund CHIP" on behalf of all God's children in need of healthcare in the U.S.  Follow up with a text, email, or handwritten letter, but make the Phone Call today. 

Here is a link to find your U.S. Representatives and Senators: or

Advent blessings of hope, peace, joy, and love to you and yours...
Rev. Melissa Self Patrick
North Alabama Conference Liaison to Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty

The Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty North Alabama Conference Team mission is to equip congregations to share in God’s mission by providing hope, compassion, justice, and radical hospitality to children who live in poverty.​

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