Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty Blog: Staring down the numbers


Jesus said to let the children come to him, and Jesus gives us a command to show love and justice to his most vulnerable little ones.

In North Alabama, our work is more than overwhelming when staring down these numbers. Each number represents one child and their family struggling in poverty. If you add up all the numbers district-by-district, and take into account those districts that don't cover an entire county on the southern end, the numbers of children in poverty are staggering. We've calculated the total and invite you to do the same. And then, if your congregation is not yet engaged with a local school or agency, dive in! Previous blog posts, and more to come, offer hope and successes of some of our local churches. Let us know how we can support your congregation further.

In the name of all Jesus' children here in North Alabama, let us gather ourselves and chart a course for reducing these numbers and lifting up these children and their families.

Download printable .pdf of North Alabama Children in Poverty Data Sheet

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