Project Backpack seeks to develop discipleship in Honduras


Rev. Leisha Boulware is a woman with a mission—to work toward developing sustainable discipleship in rural churches in Honduras through Project Backpack. Working with the Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network (AHMEN), Rev. Boulware has set a goal to adopt 10 churches this year and provide the tools needed to strengthen discipleship.

By adopting a church, Project Backpack leaders hope to first get to know and then empower local workers and not make them completely dependent on the American team members. The starting point is to provide teachers with a backpack full of materials to teach children about Jesus and God's word. Each backpack also contains a three-ring binder for a year's worth of teaching resources. The teachers will receive a new backpack each year, and after four years will cycle back through the curriculum. At that point, the mission team would start to provide just the basic supplies that need to be replenished, such as crayons. The hope is that Honduran leaders would start to think about how to use local resources for lessons, games and crafts, and in turn establish a sustainable mindset.

While Project Backpack is established under the umbrella of AHMEN, the team also welcomes involvement from other organizations, individuals and local churches with a vision for sustainability. Rev. Boulware stresses that people can join this mission team without making a trip to Honduras. Most of the work is accomplished in planning, gathering and training. Raising funds and doing research to determine needs and set budgets are important parts of the process that can be done without leaving the country.

Rev. Boulware also hopes to be able to send Bibles to Honduras. "Lots of teachers in Honduras don't even have a Bible," says Rev. Boulware. "We want to have Bibles for the teachers in our backpacks, and we'd really love to also have Bibles for the kids."

If you, your church, small group or other organization you are part of would like to join the Project Backpack mission team, call Rev. Leisha Boulware at 205-907-5468 or click here to send her an email.

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