Disaster Response Update: Responding to Louisiana floods (updated 8/22/2016)


August 22, 2016

Volunteers at the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur have received word that currently all UMCOR warehouses throughout the country are running low on cleaning buckets because all available kits have been shipped to Louisiana.

You and your congregation are needed to help replenish these much-needed supplies!  For Cleaning Bucket instructions go to  www.umdisasterwarehouse.org/umcor-kits/73-cleaning-buckets

Thank you for your response North Alabama!

The Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur has shipped multiple loads of supplies to Louisiana (including three 18 wheeler loads on Friday, August 19). Volunteers continue to collect and package supplies with plans to send more truck loads later this week.

In addition to cleaning buckets, other needed supplies include the following:

  • Box fans
  • 25 foot Extension Cords
  • 2 gallon garden sprayers
  • Flat billed shovels 
  • Garden rakes with 3 inch tines

Please deliver cleaning buckets and other supplies to the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse at 3220 Hwy 31 S Building F, Decatur, Al 35603. Click here for driving directions.

Also, please remember, the Warehouse is staffed by volunteers. Make sure you call before you plan your trip to the warehouse. The Warehouse number is 256-341-9961.

Volunteers are needed at the Disaster Response Warehouse throughout the year. Call the Warehouse to arrange an opportunity for your church group to serve.

August 19, 2016

Update From Louisiana:

Any church or Team that wishes to assist in the relief efforts for the recent flooding in Louisiana can begin making preparations for deployment.  For now, we are asking that you do NOT deploy Instructions for where to go and how to register your team will be released as soon as the invitation is given to us from the Louisiana Annual Conference.

Continue your prayers and remember that "green" is one of the best ways you can help and that 100% of your gifts to UMCOR US Disaster Response Advance #901670 go to disaster response and recovery. Click here to give now.

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference

Click for the latest update from UMCOR.

August 17, 2016

The images and news from Louisiana are heartbreaking and move us to help. Before taking action, read these updates from the Disaster Response Team and the Disaster Response Warehouse for the best ways to be involved.

From Your Disaster Response Team:

Please note that we do not need to deploy Response Teams or send any relief supplies until requested. Remember that the best way to respond at this time is to PRAY!

The second best way is to give to the UMCOR Disaster Response Fund.  Click here to give now. Remember that 100% of all donations go directly to provide relief to disaster victims. The latest information from UMCOR follows.

Update from UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief

Please pray for those affected by the Louisiana flooding over the weekend. UMCOR is working on an emergency grant and request for relief supplies from Louisiana Conference of The United Methodist Church. The region is still in emergency mode with rescues still ongoing.

Several churches have been converted to shelters for those who have been displaced. Four parishes have already received a federal disaster declaration, so FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has been mobilized.

Reminder: Please DO NOT self-deploy. Instead, donate to UMCOR US Disaster Response Advance #901670: Click here to give now.

In His Grace,
Randy Burbank
Disaster Response Coordinator for the North Alabama Annual Conference


From the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse (Decatur, AL)

Disaster Response Warehouse volunteers are working with UMCOR and anticipating the supplies that will be needed in both Louisiana and Mississippi. The Warehouse will send supplies when requested. The items listed can be donated to the Disaster Response Warehouse to replenish needed supplies.

  • UMCOR Cleaning Buckets (formerly called flood buckets) - Click here for supply list.
  • Box fans (To help dry out homes)
  • 25' Extension Cords (So people can move the fans around in a home)
  • 2 gallon garden sprayers (To kill mildew and mold)
  • Flat billed shovels (To take out wet carpet, carpet pads, sheet rock, insulation, etc.)
  • Garden rakes with 3" tines (To gather limbs, leaves and trash that has floated into a home.)
  • 2-wheeled wheelbarrows (To carry wet items and trash to the road/street)

Volunteers are also needed at the Disaster Response Warehouse, 3220 Hwy. 31 Building F, Decatur, AL.

Please call 256-341-9961 before your group comes to volunteer or drop off supplies.

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