Small groups forming to explore "The Way of Forgiveness"

January 17, 2023

This Lenten season, the Spiritual Formation Team of the North Alabama Conference invites United Methodists to focus on Jesus’ call to live a forgiven and forgiving life. Small groups are forming in areas across the Conference to meet in person or online to learn about this call. Over eight weeks, these groups will explore moving from shame, guilt, and anger to forgiveness. This experience is based on Jesus’ teachings from the Sermon on the Mount, some of the most spiritually challenging ideas we could ever hope to realize in our lives.  

The Way of Forgiveness is part of the Companions in Christ series from Upper Room Ministries. The participant’s book notes, “Forgiveness is a practice that gives concrete expression to our calling as disciples of Jesus. It is not an easy matter to learn to forgive those who have wounded us. It is a challenge we cannot consider apart from the grace of God. We gain access to grace most readily through prayer, faith, love for the deep truth and promises of scripture, a willingness to be guided by the Spirit, and by offering our best talents in God’s service.”  

Small groups will be led by experienced group leaders in each district. The focus will be on our daily experiences of God and our responding to grace with gratitude, trust and love. As the book notes, “You can expect mutual support, encouragement, guidance and accountability in Christian community. Amid church conflicts and world tensions, our deepened capacity for forgiveness is more vital than ever.”  

You are invited to “open yourself inwardly to the grace that may be given during this exploration for your call in Christ to forgive and be reconciled. Perhaps no practice can bring us closer to the mind and heart of Christ than this blessed attitude and action.”

Rev. Amy Parsons Vaughn and Lyn Cosby are assisting those who wish to form small groups. Click here to email your interest.

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