Southeast District Mulligan Church makes the most of golf by spreading abundant joy, transforming lives and glorifying God

May 03, 2022

Mulligan Church is a Fresh Expression ministry of the Southeast District designed to connect with golfers and invite them into deeper, meaningful conversations with one another and with God.

A Fresh Expression is a form of new church established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church. Fresh Expressions allow churches, pastors and laity to connect with new people in new ways.

The mission of Mulligan Church is to be a creative engagement that goes outside the church walls. It offers an accessible faith experience for people who may be hostile to the church because they have been disappointed, angered or shamed by church people. It is also a non-threatening way for Christian golfers to invite their non-Christian golfing friends into the sphere of the church. The gatherings are a fantastic opportunity for multicultural, multiethnic fellowship and worship.

Mulligan Church hosts monthly golf gatherings with the goal to make the most of golf by spreading abundant joy, transforming lives and glorifying God. Each month, golfers are able to enjoy the beauty of God’s created world and play 18 holes of golf while experiencing Christian community and spiritual engagement. The gatherings feature competitions and prizes. They also provide an opportunity to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  The disciple-making process of Mulligan Church includes:

  • Talks/sermons at the clubhouse and Fairway bible studies.
  • 18 questions that unfold along the same theme.
  • Reading texts at tee boxes followed by discussions.
  • Lesson/text-based games (examples: reverse scramble based on prodigal son text, grace golf with free fairway return, bonuses for finding golf balls based on the parable of the Lost Sheep)
  • Communion on the Fairway.
  • Golf and meditation activity.
  • Biblical Penalties (examples: hit in water = read text about Jesus’ walking on water or the flood story; hit in the sand = read story of Israelites wandering in the wilderness; or lose a ball = read parable of 99 sheep).
  • Golfing with pastor appointments that provide an opportunity for pastoral care conversations on the golf course.

Rev. Todd Noren-Hentz, Rev. Thomas Muhomba and Southeast District Superintendent Rev. Donald Smith serve as the pastors for this new faith community. They are available for spiritual counseling, pastoral visits, counseling, prayer – and, of course, golf!  In early 2022 the Southeast District also identified a strong Mulligan Church Lay Leadership Team that includes Jessie Cleveland, Cara Adams, Cade Worthy, Jacob Scott and Danarius Crayton.

Mulligan Church was started through a grant from the North Alabama Conference New and Renewing Churches team. Since launching, they have also secured sponsorships from Sylacauga Country Club and Graduated Rough Golf Institute.

Mulligan Church leaders explain, “It is our hope that Mulligan Church will help connect golfers to local churches and be a place where church members can invite friends who might not come to church but would respond to an invitation to come golf.”

The next monthly gathering is scheduled for May 14 at Sylacauga Country Club. To find out more visit

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