Sumatanga taking applications for 2017 Summer Camp Team


Sumatanga is now taking applications for the Summer Camp Team for 2017. The deadline for applications and references is February 11, 2017. Potential team members also will go through an interview process that begins in February. 

Specific 2017 Summer Camp staff positions include Lifeguards, Craft Facilitators, Recreation Facilitators, Advanced Challenge Facilitators (oversee Alpine Tower, Giant Swing, rock climbing and zip-line), Music/Media and Counselors.

Team members must be at least 18 years of age (by June 4, 2017) and a high school graduate. Other qualifications include an active Christian faith; competent and creative leadership; being a team player who will love and accept children and youth as they are; comfort in building Christian community by leading, teaching, ministering and equipping others; and the ability and willingness to perform potentially strenuous physical activities. Most of all, team members should serve with a selfless desire to share God's love with everyone and have a willingness to work toward the mission of Sumatanga — to create an environment dedicated to Christian transformation.

The theme for Summer Camp 2017 is Branching Out - Connecting Through Christ. Summer Camp at Sumatanga provides opportunities for for children and youth to experience God and be in community with other believers as they have fun and experience recreation, exercise, personal growth and building of self-confidence and self-esteem. This summer more than 55 counselors and staff will work together to make the Sumatanga Summer Camp experience the best it can be. Jonathan Gowan is the Summer Camp Director and Rev. Lee Padgett is Executive Director of Sumatanga. 

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